This Algae Halts Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver DiseaseNAFLD is actually not so dangerous at first. The real damage happens when it progresses into fibrosis and then cirrhosis and even liver cancer.

That’s why researchers have focused their attention on preventing the early stages from progressing to the latter ones.

A new study presented at the American Society for Investigative Pathology annual meeting during the Experimental Biology 2022 conference in Philadelphia discovered an algae that stops this progression.

The best part? You can get this algae as a cheap supplement in almost all health food stores and over the internet.

Aquamin is a supplement derived from red marine algae and contains lots of calcium, magnesium, and many other trace elements.

The researchers performed a series of studies in which they fed their experimental mice a high-fat diet and gave only some of them the Aquamin supplement.

These were their findings.

1. Both groups put on a lot of weight and their livers accumulated fat, as expected.

2. When compared with the supplemented group, a lot more mice in the non-supplemented group developed liver inflammation and nonalcoholic steatohepatitis.

3. Very few mice in the supplemented group progressed to liver fibrosis.

Therefore, Aquamin is a supplement that can prevent fat storage in the liver from progressing to genuine NAFLD.

Aquamin is widely available in powder form under several brand names. The name Aquamin refers to the red algae from which it is made.

But Aquamin is only one piece of the puzzle. Thousands of readers have completely reversed their NAFLD using the simple lifestyle changes explained here…