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My doctor said I’d have chronic bronchitis for life. He was wrong – and he’s delighted!

Case study: Ruth Basel

I suffered from bronchitis for 9 years. A hacking cough, disgusting phlegm and mucus, difficulties breathing, low energy…

You know what I mean.

When I look back to those horrible days the thing I remember most is just how hopeless the whole thing seemed.

The disease had crept up on me, slowly, over many years until I realized I was now very ill.

Fortunately, it didn’t take me years to send it packing. Life is fine for me now.

But for year after year…. I really suffered.

The cough that would never go away, excessive mucus, shortness of breath, worsening flare-ups every two or three months…

I struggled to take my dog for a walk. Even ordinary jobs in the home made me short of breath.

As it turned from unpleasant to bad to horrible I stayed home more, stopped socializing and felt more depressed and more isolated.

My doctor said I’d have bronchitis for life and I would get steadily worse

His job wasn’t to make me better. It was to manage symptoms, hopefully slow the disease so it didn’t progress quite as quickly and try to prevent worse conditions – including tumors – from developing.

Tumors were the biggest worry – the longer I suffered bronchitis the more likely it was I’d end up with one. And we all know where that can end.

So they would use drugs to slow it down and try to avoid it reaching the stage that I’d need surgery.

But the truth for me – and for most bronchitis sufferers – is that as the disease got worse, the treatments become more invasive – and more risky.

Turns out, my doctor was wrong on all counts

As you’ll see, I’m an ex-patient now.

My lungs work very nicely, I haven’t had a cough in 8 months – not so much as even a common cold.

But until I found out just how wrong he was I was scared stiff of what the future held for me.

Especially as we have a family history of CB.

Five people in my family have had it in living memory. One of my uncles needed surgery in the end and even now is so breathless he can barely walk. And my grandmother died from it when I was a teenager.

My own father is currently getting over his own CB – but only because he’s finally following the path I took.

And this is the whole point.

There is a pathway out of bronchitis

Things have changed since my grandmother died of CB.

Research has revealed there is now a pathway that corrects what has gone wrong with the lungs and reverses the steps that made us ill.

I found out about this entirely by good luck.

About 2 years ago I joined a bronchitis sufferers support group. I was getting more ill and I badly needed some help.

Looking across the group of 15 or so people you could see the disease in all its different stages. Some were recently diagnosed, some were in such a bad way they needed assistance to attend the meetings.

In the months I attended that group two people passed away. Another died shortly after my CB got the all-clear.

While I was there one of the more severe cases – a lady called Sarah – told us she’d started following a program designed to banish bronchitis and restore the lungs to a near-perfect condition.

She was skeptical whether it might work – like me, she trusted doctors – but she was also noticing encouraging changes in her breathing and coughing.

A couple of members of our group mocked her for ‘going to a quack’… for being naive.

So, some weeks later, when she stopped attending the group… we assumed the worst and figured she’d finally become too ill to leave the house.

But that wasn’t it at all.

The reason she stopped attending the bronchitis support group was…

She no longer had any bronchitis to support.

How did she return her lungs to full health?

I sent Sarah an email and asked. And she told me exactly what I’m about to tell you.

But, so you know: this program Sarah followed was natural, drug-free… and boy, did it get the job done!

And as of today I haven’t coughed – for any reason – for 8 months.

I no longer have any mucus to bring up.

My rough, uneven breathing is now smooth and easy. And I sleep like a lamb.

After 5 weeks my doctor gradually reduced my meds and, today, I don’t need any at all.

Here’s what happened

The bronchitis program Sarah and I used was created by an alternative health practitioner called Shelly Manning.

It’s simple, wholly natural and it doesn’t require any drugs, surgery or professional care.

Shelly already has a string of impressive successes in treating and reversing some of the worst diseases, including heart diseases, metabolic conditions, blood illness – and a list of conditions I hope never to catch.

And what makes Shelly’s programs so quickly effective are their scientific foundations. Shelly analyzes research from institutions and researchers all over the world to uncover exactly what causes these diseases in the first place.

What is clear from scores of studies from researchers in over 20 different countries – including the USA, UK, Germany, Australia – is that there are clearly defined, specific lifestyle choices – especially around food, stress and sleep – that directly influence this illness.

At first, It seems to be a little too simple to be true. But for as long as those lifestyle causes are maintained… the illness is maintained.

But reverse those causes… and you’re reversing the illness as well.

Shelly’s programs describe the exact steps to reversing the causes… and that’s how people recover.

The health industry already knows the cause of bronchitis

Shelly’s methods are 100% backed up by real science.

In fact, the health industry has known for decades that it’s our behavior that is creating and sustaining bronchitis.

And this is the key point: I always believed it was simply my smoking that gave me CB.

But as Shelly pointed out – and my doctor later agreed: millions of people live in smoke-free households yet still get the illness. So smoking isn’t the whole cause.

While millions of others smoke for decades yet don’t get CB.

Smoking is an entirely unhealthy habit – but I was also stunned to learn from Shelly that her program has worked even for people who continued smoking throughout!

Of course, she strongly recommends you stop. And I did quit because in her program she showed me a super-effective way to do that.

But the research shows there is a range of common behaviors that push us – especially Westerners – into this awful disease.

Shelly zeroes in on those exact behaviors and shows us how to undo them.

Many diseases are actually ‘Western’ diseases

And this is direct evidence that behavior – or ‘lifestyle’ as it’s also known – creates illness and disease.

Because it’s widely known that some very nasty diseases are common in Western countries yet rare in others.

There are forms of heart disease, blood sugar disorders and tumors that are widespread here yet almost non-existent in other societies.

Why such stark differences between some countries and others?

Why do we get such different illnesses? We’re the same humans aren’t we?

Yes, we are. But the difference is in our normal, everyday lifestyle choices.

For all the wonderful advantages of living in the West, we are made ill by some very ordinary lifestyle habits that we would never imagine being harmful to us.

They badly affect the way our immune system copes with illness. Worse, they create an environment inside our bodies that simply breeds disease.

This isn’t woo-woo guesswork by the way. It’s a medical fact supported by decades of heavyweight research..

It’s only when we stop doing it that we start to feel the difference.

That’s when we experience dramatic changes to our health, our moods and our wellbeing. And that’s when it hits us that we’re both the cause of our illness – but we’re also its remedy.

What Shelly does is pull together all the scientifically verified evidence about how we get ill – and then flips it around so we can reverse those causes, restore lung health and renew their lives.

My doctor got it half right

Every CB sufferer who smokes is told to stop smoking. It’s good advice.

But my health practitioner also encouraged me to eat better food, reduce stress, sleep more and take regular exercise.

Yours probably did too.

Why give me a thousand dollars of toxic drugs to take… and then tell me to eat better, sleep more, get outside a bit..?

It’s because they have half the story right.

They know western behaviors create disease. And they know behavior – not drugs – is what treats it best.

What our health practitioners are unclear on is which lifestyle habits we need to change.

There’s common health advice available online and in magazines and tv programs that just isn’t helpful. And if you have bronchitis… some of it’s actually dangerous.

This is the uncertainty that Shelly has finally addressed.

Shelly’s gift to me was in pointing out the actual lifestyle changes I could make that would drive out my bronchitis.

Some of the most straightforward fixes were the most surprising.

But because of her attention to detail she’s able to cut out the nonsense and misleading advice we often get and, instead, outline the simple but direct actions we can take to completely pull the rug out from under CB’s feet..

Why don’t doctors push harder on the lifestyle pathway out of illness?

There’s two reasons:

First, patients – however ill – are reluctant to make the effort to heal themselves of even the worst diseases.

Some of us try, then give up. Some of us don’t try.

I’m the same. I only acted because I couldn’t bear the thought of how ill bronchitis would eventually make me.

Second, culturally we expect a pill or a potion to magic away our illness.

We pay our taxes and insurance so when we’re ill it’s the hospital’s job to make us well again, right?

Again, that used to be me.

Although not any more.

Once I knew how I got ill I was able to do the job myself. SImply and naturally.

We have bronchitis because our immune system is attacking our lungs

At its heart CB is an inflammatory disease.

What actually is inflammation?

If you stub your toe or get an insect bite or catch a virus… it’s the immune system that kicks in to fix the affected area.

It brings different chemical agents to bear depending on the problem…

…and those different agents create those familiar feelings of swelling, heat and discomfort. The injured area is temporarily inflamed – hence the name, inflammation.

Inflammation is a harsh, battling type of process that hits the injured or infected area hard. But it does a great job of healing injuries or fighting infections.

The downside to inflammation is that it’s not 100% accurate. So while it’s repairing the affected areas it also damages surrounding, healthy tissues.

Which is why the body switches the immune system – inflammation – off as soon as it can. So that it can’t cause dangerous injury to healthy tissue.

And that’s the key point here – because this is where CB comes in.

In normal illnesses, inflammation handles a problem then switches off.

But for people with bronchitis inflammation has switched on and is not switching off.


And so inflammation is permanently active in our body and lungs, slowly but surely wearing away at healthy tissue and organs.

Our inflammation doesn’t switch off because it can’t

Why is our immune system always on?

Why are we constantly inflamed?

The answer is simple:

Our immune system uses inflammation to fight, amongst other things, pollutants, toxins and foreign particles that end up in our bodies. Especially in our lungs.

Remember: inflammation is a harsh, uncompromising process. It attacks the infection, injury or invader… but it also damages surrounding, healthy tissue.

Which is why the body switches it off as soon as the problem has been resolved.

That ‘switching off’ is not happening for CB sufferers though.

While every living thing has to handle these problems within the body, we have more of it than our immune system can cope with.

Known as ‘oxidative stress’ the immune system is now always on, always battling these invaders… and so always causing collateral damage to otherwise healthy parts of the body.

That damage to healthy tissue is slight – but it’s never ending. The body never gets a break.

The damage accumulates, wearing down the lungs, damaging alveoli and creating severe breathing difficulties.

Our breathing becomes a struggle, we cough constantly and then, one day, our doctor tells us we now have bronchitis – and there’s no way of getting well again.

In the West, it’s worse because everyday lifestyle traits that feel perfectly normal to us actually create low-level but very unhealthy stress, less than wonderful sleep and very poor food quality.

Which absolutely guarantees we can’t treat our bronchitis effectively because they work directly against us ever getting better.

It’s understanding the underlying – and, sometimes, surprising – habits that create bronchitis in the first place that gives us the power to finally handle it.

bronchitis is no longer a life sentence.

Let me explain how I dealt with my illness so that you can do the same.

Banishing Bronchitis: The 5 Steps that turned me into a new person

Shelly’s program is called Banishing Bronchitis. Banishing bronchitis is exactly what it did.

Here’s what I learned


If you smoke then, if you can, stop smoking.

Yes, you already know that. So did I.

But after four serious attempts to quit over 8 years I figured I’d probably die with a cigarette in my mouth.

I was wrong about that.

Shelly’s ‘Quit Smoking’ guidance is unlike anything else I’ve ever seen. Its approach is logical, gentle and so effective.

I stopped smoking the same afternoon I read it – and I’ve been smoke-free for exactly a year this month.


Reduce or remove foods that we know directly worsen bronchitis.

I was shocked to discover that some of the good foods I deliberately ate in order to keep healthy… caused the inflammation that led to bronchitis!

But it’s true.

Certain food just makes everything worse. Unknowingly, most of us eat them all the time.

Stop eating them – or just eat less of them – and guess what?

Things quickly stop getting worse.

Such an easy step to take – yet such quick benefits.


Eat more of the foods that actively reduce inflammation.

There are some very ordinary foods that are anti-inflammatory – you’re already eating some of them.

So eat more of them. Add a few similar items to your menu and so reduce the very thing that’s causing CB in the first place.

I also took a couple of recommended natural supplements to fuel my recovery and to speed things up a bit.

All these items I bought from my local supermarket.



I dread exercise advice. I’m a bit lazy so I thought this might be a bit of a challenge.

It wasn’t.

The key here is that movement will positively boost your recovery – but you shouldn’t overdo it. Once I tried it I found it was quite nice. I breathed better – and I slept better.

Gentle exercise – clearly described by Shelly – just 3 – 5 times a week made a huge difference to my illness.


Sleep and stress!

If you’d have asked me before if I was a person who suffered stress, I’d have said, ‘Definitely not’.

It’s only when you’ve eased away physical and mental stress that you realize just how stressed you actually were!

But this matters so much when you’re trying to get rid of bronchitis.

Low-level, hardly noticeable stress

…caused by tiredness

…by being pulled here and there by family and social obligations,

…by concerns about money, family issues and the general stuff of life

…provokes the immune system, sends inflammation through the roof and really messes with our lung health.

Because the guaranteed outcome of stress is the ‘stress hormone’, cortisol. The guaranteed outcome of cortisol is – inflammation.

And inflammation causes CB!

So stress absolutely has to be dealt with if we’re to recover. Shelly showed me how to lower stress and be more at ease in mind and body – so my lungs weren’t under constant attack and could work on their own recovery.

Positive change within days, continuous improvement in weeks

Honestly, when you get out of your body’s way and just give it a bit of support it starts healing. Here’s how things turned out for me:

  • First off… I gave up smoking!

    The afternoon I received Shelly’s program I started with her Quest to Quit advice… and have never touched a cigarette since.

    Easy – and after four previous failed attempts this was an incredible win for me.I don’t miss cigarettes at all.
  • Second, small improvements came steadily and consistently – and I felt every single one.

    By that first weekend not only had my cough reduced but I began to feel slightly lighter in my chest. As if something had lifted from my lungs and gone away.
  • Third, my mood lifted. For the first time in years I realized I really could be healthy and happy again.

Over the following weeks and months it was obvious to me that small but beneficial changes were taking place in my lungs.

The most noticeable change was my ability to breathe all the way in… then all the way out… in a slow and controlled manner. Without coughing.

I really didn’t expect I’d ever be able to do that again.

I slept better, my energy returned and I was able to walk, look after my garden and visit friends.

As the weeks passed I got my life back. I never thought this would happen for me but it did – and all because I started helping my body to fix itself.

Improvement everywhere – everything was transformed

There’s only one side-effect of Shelly’s program:

Because the body is now in a permanent healing mode – which is its natural state – it avoids altogether a whole array of illnesses that are so common in the West.

In particular, a healthy body can…

  • prevent rapid accelerated aging
  • reap the benefits of an increased lifespan – with energy to enjoy it
  • significantly cut the risk for developing cardiovascular disease
  • end the fear of developing blood sugar conditions
  • slash the likelihood of developing tumors
  • regulate body weight to healthy levels
  • keep brain and mind healthy and well-functioning

Now it’s your turn

We no longer have to be pushed around by bronchitis.

I didn’t want to sit around watching myself getting steadily worse, upsetting me, upsetting my loved ones…

I bet you don’t either.

You deserve a better future – and now you can get one.

Banish your bronchitis. Put this awful condition into reverse – starting right now.

‘Banishing Bronchitis’ can be in your inbox in about 3 minutes – just click here…

Shelly’s program makes perfect sense

Remember: we don’t simply get ill. Illness has an identified cause.

bronchitis is maintained by inflammation attacking the tissues of your lungs.

Undo the inflammation and you’ve removed CB’s cause.

But because it won’t undo itself.. I had to do it. And I did. You can too.

Stop CB getting worse and start your recovery now – click here to get Banishing Bronchitis…

There’s a difference between healthy aging – and simply degenerating until you die.

That second option is miserable, painful and undignified. It’s also very likely if you have bronchitis.

I said ‘no way’ to that future and created a better one.

bronchitis is always getting worse unless you choose to act. Begin your own road to lung health now – you’ll be so glad you did!

Get Banishing Bronchitis now and start your first steps today. Click here!