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The true causes of MS are now understood – and their treatment is natural and easy. See how I reversed my worst MS symptoms in 3 simple steps

Case study: Patricia Williams

The worst day of my life was finding out that I had multiple sclerosis… and that I’d get physically and mentally worse for the rest of my life.

The best day of my life?

When my symptoms went into reverse, I regained my physical and mental health – and my MS specialist had to admit they’d got it wrong.

My multiple sclerosis story ended very happily. Yours will too.

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Multiple sclerosis is no longer the life-sentence it once was

At last… the real causes of MS are now known – and the remedy is natural, gentle and straightforward!

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I got my walking, talking thinking – and LIFE – back using these 3 simple steps

Want text version instead of video? Here is simplified transcript…

I have a confession: when I was told I had multiple sclerosis I didn’t actually know what multiple sclerosis was.

I’d heard of it – but I wasn’t sure what it meant. So I just said ‘Okay, what’s that?’

And then my doctor told me. And I was utterly devastated by it.

He explained more about what multiple sclerosis – MS – actually was and it slowly dawned on me: there’s no good news here. None at all.

Instead, a life of deterioration, of relapses, each one worse than the other – and no hope of ever getting better. A process that was, in fact, already under way.

I’d been steadily getting ill for years. My memory had been declining, I was forgetting words. My focus was poor and I often became confused.

And I was always so tired.

I actually thought those other problems were caused by the tiredness.

I just need to stop being so worn out, I told myself. Then everything will be okay.

But once I started losing my balance when walking… I knew things weren’t okay. That day I fell over was a real turning point. It’s why I went to the doctor in the first place.

The specialist confirmed it was MS. He told me it gets steadily worse and there’s no way to stop it.

The end game? Too awful to relive here. The loss of speech, the loss of movement, the loss of memory. In the end, the loss of independence and dignity.

One loss after another, just sitting around waiting for it to get slowly worse and worse.

Of course, I now know he was wrong about all of that. None of this is likely to happen now.

Instead, what was getting steadily worse went into reverse and got steadily better. I went back to work last year and I’m enjoying my life once again. But if I hadn’t acted it could have been so different.

An end that never came

The doctor said I’d probably have some years before I became incapable of self-care – but that was a ‘probably’. If each relapse of my MS was significantly worse than the other… then things could turn nasty very quickly.

I worried about myself. But I worried about my husband, my growing children, my elderly parents… What was this spiteful illness going to put them through?

I even worried about my dog.

But what upset me most was my specialist’s attitude that once you’ve been diagnosed with MS that’s it, it’s all over for you. For them, making you better isn’t an option. Their job is to manage your decline.

I tried to deal with it myself

But I was panicking. I read about multiple sclerosis success stories where the sufferer had almost miraculous turnarounds.

Mostly diet-led, a few lucky individuals were able to reverse their worst symptoms. One famous case saw a wheelchair bound MS sufferer cast aside her wheelchair and take up jogging, of all things.

Of course, we only hear about the handful of genuine success stories. These people – which include doctors – relied on some knowledge and lots of guesswork.

Their approach was mostly experimental. Hundreds of people try the same thing and get nowhere.

But they proved one thing: MS is not the life sentence we’re told it is. It’s treatable.

Today we know a lot more about MS. To properly tackle its causes requires a very specific three-pronged attack.

Tackle your MS from these three angles and the illness is going to take an entirely different route. Here’s how.

Solving the multiple sclerosis mystery

I found this out completely by chance. Some years ago, on an old multiple sclerosis forum a man called Toby was describing how his own MS symptoms were steadily going away.

He’d had MS for 12 years and was once in a terrible condition. Desperation had caused him to try everything. Now he’d found something that actually worked – and he shouted about it from the rooftops.

Some people were sceptical but I heard him out. And I kept tabs on him for a while until the forum shut down. But what he told me turned out to be true. And what I learned subsequently changed my life.

Let me tell you about it now.

There are just 3 simple things we have to get right in order to treat MS

Much of what Toby said has since turned out to be medically proven.

These are the three factors that reversed his MS – and which eventually did exactly the same for mine.


First, you’re probably aware that MS is caused by a runaway immune system that just isn’t switching off.

The immune system creates inflammatory agents that course through the body attacking both unwanted foreign particles and toxins – which is good – but also healthy tissue.

For MS sufferers the inflammation is wearing away at the myelin sheath that surrounds and protects the nerves.

And this is a serious problem because that myelin sheath is supposed to keep our nerves efficient and safe.

But as inflammation wears the sheath away, lesions and scarring occurs. That scarring disrupts the movement of nerve signals throughout the body – and within the brain itself. The damage is widespread and ongoing.

It gets harder for our brain and body to communicate. We start to see typical symptoms of MS: memory failure, difficulty focusing, heavy fatigue, loss of balance, difficulty coordinating movement… you know the kind of thing.

For as long as inflammation is constantly attacking our nerves’ protective myelin sheath we will always have MS. Inflammation is our first problem to resolve.


Of course, the body can repair damaged myelin sheath – and it does. But once inflammation’s ability to destroy it exceeds our body’s ability to repair it… we’re fighting a losing battle.

That’s the second problem.

Restoring the myelin sheath requires lots of energy from our body’s cells – way more energy than those cells are used to supplying.

If we’ve got MS the damage to the nerves is never-ending – and our struggling cells cannot generate enough ‘repair energy’ to ever complete the job.

Put bluntly, the repair cells are exhausted. They can never catch up with the damage that MS is causing.


Third, as well as energy, the repair of damaged myelin requires specific raw materials. Repair obviously can’t be done from thin air and it’s the food we eat that supplies the materials for the rebuilding of damaged myelin.

The problem is that the standard western diet just doesn’t provide enough repair nutrients.

But if we eat plenty of the right food the myelin certainly can be repaired. And if the inflammation has also been handled then the myelin sheath stays repaired.

These are the vital 3 steps to being well

Instead of managing symptoms – which is all my MS specialist ever tried to do – we can directly address what’s causing MS in the first place. We need to:

  • settle the chronic inflammation that’s eating away at the myelin sheath that protects our nerves


  • supply our exhausted cells with the repair energy necessary to rebuild those protective sheaths


  • provide nutrition – the raw materials – so we have something to rebuild with

Addressing the three MS factors – once and for all

As Toby was finding out then – and I can confirm now – we already know how to handle all three of these steps.

And it applies no matter how your MS shows up. Toby’s MS was what’s known as ‘primary progressive’. He didn’t have relapses and remissions. He just slowly got worse and worse.

Until, one day, he started getting better and better.

Whereas I had ‘relapsing-remitting’ MS – periods of steady, unchanging symptoms followed by horrible, upsetting flare-ups. When the symptoms finally steadied they were noticeably worse than they had been before.

Either way, it’s MS. If we address all the factors that make us ill then we prove the doctors wrong and everything changes for the better. Which is exactly what we do.

MS genes?

By the way, every specialist I spoke to told me: there’s no MS gene and MS isn’t hereditary.

There might be an array of genes that make MS a little more likely in a person. Maybe.

But my specialist told me two important things:

First, identical twins have extremely similar genes, so if one twin gets MS, you’d expect the other stands a much higher chance of getting it too. But the statistics show the second twin has no more chance of getting MS than anyone else.  So the genes effect is weak or non-existent.

Second, whether there’s a genes effect or not, genes at most only increase the possibility of MS. To actually have MS you have to be exposed to the ‘risk factors’ of MS before those genes come into play.

And here’s where the reality of MS hits us.

This is where we undo the causes of multiple sclerosis

MS doesn’t pop into existence out of thin air. Something causes it.

‘Risk factors for MS’ are the set of circumstances that have to exist in your body in order for MS to happen. You get MS because you have the risk factors for MS.

If you don’t have the risk factors you simply cannot have the disease.

What I found shocking was that medical science’s long list of multiple sclerosis risk factors – things that will cause MS – contain almost nothing but lifestyle habits and choices.

I thought MS would be caused by some crazy malfunction in the body somewhere. Some weakness in my brain or spinal cord or a chance breakdown in some vital organ. Not so. In fact, at its root, the causes are very ordinary.

MS comes from things we do and choices we make in our everyday life habits. Lifestyle choices provoke the immune system – the immune system then causes the runaway inflammation that’s decimating our nerves.

Tragically, we’re literally giving ourselves the disease – and we don’t even know we’re doing it.

Scientists and medical researchers agree that what makes the immune system go wrong – and so causes all that inflammation – are mostly environmental and habitual. Such as:

  • specific foods the body fights against
  • damage to the gut environment – especially its lining and the good bacteria that live there
  • routine habits of movement, breathing and socialising that disrupt our internal processes
  • toxins we take in with each breath or via the skin that the immune system struggles with
  • home poisons and outside pollutants that we usually don’t even know exist
  • wellbeing – stress-induced toxicity, worry, social anxieties and so on

When immune systems go wrong there’s a cause. A combination of the above factors is where all the problems start.

We can make this better

So what we’re doing in our ordinary lives is maintaining those causes. All those errors that we didn’t know we were making… we’re still making them. So MS carries on as before.

If we corrected those errors one at a time… if we were to swap out the damaging activities and behaviours for ones that do not support the existence of MS

….what would happen to the MS that they were causing?

The ongoing causes of MS can be directly treated using natural means

Remember, I didn’t need drugs and meds to get MS. Instead, I had to lead a normal, everyday western life and just get a few small but important things wrong along the way.

If meds didn’t cause MS then they aren’t going to correct it either. We need to reverse what’s causing MS instead.

And it works. Not just for a few high profile doctors but for ordinary people like me who have regained sight, the ability to walk properly, energy and mental health – having originally lost it to the ravages of MS.

Toby learned how to treat his MS from a program written by a lady called Jodi Knapp.

Jodi is well-known for her pioneering health work and has an enviable reputation for reversing chronic diseases – simply by paying strict attention to what’s actually causing them in the first place.

I got a copy of her program – it’s called ‘The Multiple Sclerosis Solution’.

In a series of phases Jodie explains how to handle the inflammation that’s destroying my nerves – and then how to supply the cells with the energy and nutrients needed to repair and restore them.

You move through each phase carefully. When you can feel the improvement at one phase… move on to the next. .

Stay in the current phase until you know you’ve improved and then move gradually to the next. It’s gentle, straightforward – and effective.

Here’s how Jodi’s program tackled my MS




This phase is very easy but so important. It’s focused on two elements:

settling the immune system and reducing inflammation

getting the body into a fit healing state

The first part of settling the immune system is to restore our gut health. Our gut turns the nutrients in food into the chemicals the body needs to function properly. Most westerners have fairly poor – or plain awful – gut health.

If the gut isn’t doing that properly then, over the years, the body slowly starts to malfunction.

In particular, a weakened gut lining leads to ‘leaky gut syndrome’ – a highly inflammatory condition in which particles of food escape into the bloodstream, causing the immune system to switch on to attack them.

This common gut condition is a primary cause of a permanently ‘on’ immune system – and therefore the chronic inflammation that creates MS.

It’s not the only source of chronic inflammation that Jodi addresses – but it’s such a major one that we deal with it from day one.

In Phase 1 we also introduce the repair energy and nutrients the body needs to start healing our damaged nerves.

And that involves…

  • eating lots more good, beneficial food – more variety and bigger portions (you won’t go hungry!)
  • reducing inflammatory foods – including those that MS sufferers must avoid like the plague
  • picking up some powerful vitamins from the local supermarket to really get the repair process moving

The supplements are much cheaper than meds, have absolutely no side-effects and, later, at the end of the program they can be dropped altogether.


Is similar to phase 1 – I added a couple of extra supplements from my supermarket. I also had to reduce some of the other supplementation now it had done its job.

Phase 2 also goes a little deeper into handling the immune system and its never-ending inflammation.

That mainly involves identifying – and then removing – some of the domestic toxins that find their way into our bodies, firing up the immune system… and setting off that catastrophic tide of inflammation.

I spent some time looking at the long list of items in my house that caused my immune system to switch ‘on’ and create inflammation.

There’s lots! It’s shocking how so many ordinary household items directly provoke our immune systems.

I replaced a few household items that were direct sources of toxins for safer versions – which was easy. You stop buying x and start buying y. Replace an unhelpful habit with a helpful one.

After a couple of weeks you can literally feel in your body the benefits of making these simple changes.

Phase 2 also included some slow exercise movements coupled with deep breathing.

It’s vital we do this because movement – even the gentlest –  delivers nutrients and oxygen to all parts of the body – and MS sufferers especially need to get nourishment to damaged nerves wherever they are.

The movement stuff was actually very nice. That was a surprise because I am naturally lazy – and MS left me tired most of the time. But it’s so gentle and the effect is so pleasant that once the habit is started I just kept doing it.

But what’s really important is that a relaxed mind and body is the ideal state for cell repair.

The breathing patterns were incredibly relaxing too. Tension and stress release hormones that work directly against cell repair. That deep relaxation was exactly what my drained, damaged nerve cells needed.

My food choices were expanded in this phase. They’d been a bit tight in phase 1 because we were so focused on getting the gut back into good health. But now the menu was much wider and I had lots of freedom to choose what to eat.


By Phase 3 inflammation is significantly reduced. For the first time in many years the nerves are no longer under such heavy attack – and so we go hell for leather now at rebuilding myelin and protecting those nerves.

As I entered phase 3 I was already feeling different. I’d been feeling steadily better over the previous weeks – more stable when walking, better balance and a whole lot less tired.

Officially, I was still ill. But now things were really starting to happen and my optimism was sky high.

Phase 3 featured another temporary increase in supplementation.

The idea is for the nerves to get back the protective myelin sheaths that MS had worn away.

This gradual return of those protective myelin sheaths will already have started in the earlier phases but now we’re picking up some supermarket vitamins to go heavier on rebuilding those shattered nerves.

After phase 3 I was walking properly and thinking clearly. I reduced supplements – a couple of good meals each day were now enough.

The ultimate victory was going back to work for the first time in 4 years. Every area of my life had improved beyond recognition but that was the point where I could honestly say I’ve finally got my life back.

My MS specialist, by the way, is delighted, impressed, a tiny bit disbelieving at how all this turned out! He’s also very happy for me.

My summary of the whole experience? Just pay attention to the program, follow the rules but also go easy on yourself and the improvements really do come.

Will this program work for you?

Even though MS shows up in different people in different ways, its underlying causes are the same. There’s nothing special about what’s going on in the body. It’s just biology.

And biology is almost totally influenced by what we eat, the way we breathe and move, the nutrients we’re missing out on, the stresses we’re under, the household pollutants that we didn’t realise were doing so much harm…

These are the underlying causes of many western chronic diseases – MS included. Address them and your body cannot help but to change. Start removing the causes of MS and the damage they cause starts to fade away.

When will I improve?

The time taken to see improvements varies according to the severity of your MS.

Improvement is always relative. People have corrected their MS to the extent that not only can they stop using a wheelchair but they can walk or trot  a couple of miles. They didn’t do it overnight – but they did it.

I never claim to have got rid of multiple sclerosis. But can I now walk, move and coordinate myself in ways I couldn’t before? Yes, I can.

Is my thinking, focus and memory now noticeably better than it has been for years? Definitely.

Do I go weeks, months and – now – years not really aware that I am an MS sufferer? You bet!

I’m not the first to be able to walk properly again, I won’t be the last. And you could be the next.

You can start the same program as I used today. Click here and they’ll send it to you in about 90 seconds!

My relationship with MS is entirely different today.

Of course, I wish I’d never got the disease in the first place. But that was out of my hands.

What I’m grateful for is that not only is it not getting worse but there are so many ways that it has become better.

Jodi showed me what to do to settle and calm the immune system, to substantially reduce inflammation and to give the body the energy and repair nutrients it needed to start undoing the awful effects of MS.

I followed her program… and it has paid off in ways I – and my doctors! – never dreamed possible.

Now it’s your turn. Become one of the thousands of people who are quietly turning around their illness in wholly natural and healthy ways. Click here, get Jodi’s program and start correcting your MS today.

MS always gets worse – until you decide enough is enough

If we don’t settle the inflammation that’s ravaging our nerves then our symptoms will get progressively worse.

That’s a medical certainty.

If we don’t supply the body with the building material and repair energy it needs to restore damaged nerve sheaths then those nerves are unprotected and vulnerable to attack and damage every second of the day.

The end game of MS is horrific. You already know how this can end for you – so I won’t labour the point.

The causes of my MS started years before I finally got my diagnosis. So did yours.

Which means that ravaging illness was already well underway once we found out we had it. Even though it’s a slowly progressing disease it’s imperative we address the problem now.

You can start the process of restoring your health, getting back your physical and mental capabilities in the next 90 seconds – by getting a copy of Jodi’s program and taking step 1 today.

Click here, they’ll send it to you right now and you can start your recovery today!