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If you’re sick and tired of constant neck pain and stiffness…

Discover How 5 Simple Exercises Relieve Your Neck Pain In Minutes And Permanently Heal Your Whiplash Within A Week … 100% Guaranteed

The exercises you’re about to learn are so simple and easy, anybody can do them – no matter how bad your neck pain is.

They put absolutely NO direct strain on the neck – like most neck exercises do. There’s therefore NO risk of causing more harm.

To the contrary.

You’ll IMMEDIATELY today experience total relief. A weight will be lifted off your shoulders when the neck relaxes and the pain floats away.

The Exercises Are More Effective Than The Strongest Pain Killer – Without Side Effects!

… and they only take a few minutes.

In just a few days, you’ll feel how things that were becoming hard to do – such as working on a computer or lifting heavy things – are all of a sudden no sweat.

Within a week your neck will be so flexible you’ll be able to turn it 180 degrees – something you may not even have been able to do before your neck problems.

What’s more…

It Works For Almost Everyone!

Those simple exercises have helped hundreds of people to relieve their pain and regain their life.

…sometimes after suffering extreme neck pain for years.

It doesn’t matter what caused your pain. Be it…

  • Car accident
  • Excessive computer work
  • Stress and worries
  • Over working
  • Any other kind of injury

… or if you were simply born with weak back. The exercises will relieve your pain and give you total neck flexibility.

In My Case, It All Began With a Big CRASH!!!

I was sitting in the passenger seat of my girlfriends brand new car.

As she was about to take a left hand turn, I looked up and saw a car coming, cruising from the opposite direction.

I screamed to warn my girlfriend, who quickly pulled over to the right hand side of the road. The other driver, however, jammed on the brakes so his car slid over on the wet road directly into our car.

There is no way to describe the horrible scratching sound when two cars hit together. No movie special effect can duplicate the terror it creates.

My girlfriend and her aunt were rushed to the hospital while I stayed behind to deal with the police and the tow truck.

I didn’t feel any pain at that time.. But later on that night it hit me…

It Was Like Someone Pushed A Rusty Knife Into My Neck – And Twisted It Around!

The pain was such I couldn’t bear it.

When I finally took a taxi to the hospital (my girlfriend was home by then, safe and sound) the doctor told me I should have been there hours ago.

This was only the beginning of a horrible experience dealing with hospitals, doctors and physical therapists.

Not that the people were bad, they just couldn’t help me.

The First thing the doctor did was to put a supporting collar around my neck. He gave me the strongest pain killers available and told me to take it easy for a month.

The medications made me drowsy and tired. I couldn’t focus on work or do pretty much anything.

I Was Afraid I Was Turning Into a Total Vegetable

My hopes that physical therapy would heal me quickly died.

The therapist was a nice lady and I felt better for a few days after therapy but the neck tension and pain always reappeared.

Sometimes worse than before.

The same thing happened with chiropractor. I sometimes felt a little better after an adjustment. But immediately the next day the pain was as bad as before sometimes even worse .

I begged my doctor for a solution. But all he had was more pain poppers and a pat on the back.

Finally I was declared disabled at the age of 26 and the insurance company insulted me with a small stack of cash.

…in no way reflecting the pain I had faced or would face.

I thought I my life was over

For years I learned to adapt to and live with the pain .

Tough it out and keep on going:

  • I Turned my whole body to see behind me
  • Swung my trunk to pick things up, like a stiff elephant
  • And most of all avoided physical activities if I could

I was ashamed to have to ask my wife to do things like holding our daughter or carrying bags because I quickly got physically exhausted.

But no matter how old you are, who is the one person who always has the answer for his son?

It was finally my father who pushed me on the right path

He told me that as a young man, he had suffered horrible lower back pain.

His doctor told him he would never be able to ride a horse again or lift more than five pounds.

He loved horse riding and always worked hard so this was a devastating piece of news for him.

But dad didn’t give up. He exercised his back every morning and night – building up strength and flexibility.

A few months later he was loading hay onto his horse and riding with it back to the barn. Old dad is a tough cookie.

He told me there had to be exercises that would heal my neck.

There are however…

A Couple of Fundamental Problems When Exercising an Injured Neck

Most neck exercises focus directly on the injured area of the neck. Seems to make sense but it doesn’t.

Let me explain better…

The first problem is that the injured area is way too fragile to be dealt with directly. If you try to stretch or strengthen torn muscles, you make things worse instead of better.

Secondly, when you’ve tension in the neck, it tilts the head so it doesn’t sit straight up on the body.

Doesn’t sound too serious but it actually creates a big problem.

The reason is because it makes it very hard for the neck to balance the head… creating even worse tension.

Let me demonstrate this a little further

A healthy person can easily hold a light bowling ball straight over his or her head.

It’s balanced with the body.

If the same person moves the ball a few inches forward, it becomes almost impossible to hold it still and keep balance.

Your head is heavier than you think. So the same rule applies when your head tilts forward due to the tension in your neck.

Since the neck muscles can’t comfortably hold up and balance the head, other muscles such as the jaw and shoulder muscles must take a load.

…creating a tension in those muscles as well.

You can feel this by pushing your fingers tightly into the jaw muscles on both sides. These muscles should be soft and flexible but are probably hard as a rock.

It doesn’t stop there.

The rest of the body also tries to help.

You can see that anybody who has a neck problem carries their whole body out of sync.

Typically this is with high shoulders and a kind of humpback, with, less obviously, twisted hips where one sticks further out than the other and twisted feet.

That’s why even if a physical therapist or chiropractor temporarily relieves tension from the neck, the rest of the body has become used to pulling you back into the old position and recreates the problem and pain.

It took me years to realize this fact.

This is the reason…

…traditional neck exercises actually made my neck pain worse instead of better

Following my dad’s suggestion, trying to find a relief for my whiplash, I began studying pretty much every exercise technique known to man.

I took a little bit from many sources:

  • Yoga
  • Qigong
  • Alexander technique

…just to name a few techniques I studied. Then I improved and changed those exercises to work the best for the task at hand.

It wasn’t always easy.

I had numerous horrible, sleepless nights after trying wrong techniques that actually made my pain worse.

Sometimes I just wanted to knock myself out.

Then there were times when an exercise helped a little and it was a relief like somebody putting a cold bandage on a burn wound.

Little by little my pain got less severe and my neck more flexible.

I considered myself 100% healed when I could turn my head 180 degrees without any problems and had no pain.

Now here is what shocked me…

After years of developing those exercises and healing my neck one tiny step at the time, I gave the completed set of exercises to a couple of friends who also had suffered Whiplash.

Guess what…

Their Neck Pain Was Gone In A Week!

What took me years, they did in a week because they benefited from my work.

What a bummer I didn’t have the exercises ten years earlier.

Throughout the years, several people learned my exercises and gained the same results as my two friends and I.

I, however, kept on with my life, healthy and happy, working as a natural health writer and researcher, . For some reason never even thinking about publishing those extremely effective exercises.

I honestly kind of forgot about them.

Till a few months ago…

Oh NO … NOT AGAIN!!!!!

This time it was a big MACK truck that smashed into the back of my “small” Silverado pickup. Again, I got a shock on my neck.

The pain that night was even worse than years before.

The next day I was getting ready to head over to the hospital when I remembered the exercises that had helped me years before.

I got down on the floor and in five minutes – what a relief.

I did the exercises every day for a few days and it was as good as before. I never even saw a doctor.

But this time I knew…

I had to share this with the world.

If you’re sitting there right now bent over the computer with your tense neck and irritating tension pain, you know why I have to share this.

Just imagine in a few minutes to get total relief from this tension.

To be able to…

  • Work again without exhaustion
  • Drive a car comfortably
  • Pick up things without thinking about it
  • Fall asleep without taking pain killers

… and whatever else you dream to do.


I Can’t Have You Suffer Any Longer

So one day, shortly after I healed my neck for the second time, I rewrote the old manual on how to work the exercises.

I arranged it in a step-by-step way so anyone could easily follow.

I also hired an artist to draw up illustrations so you can now SEE exactly how to work the exercises.

I then packed it up in a nice e-book (PDF) that can be ordered, downloaded and opened up by ALL computers right here on this website.

You can then either read it on your computer or print it out.

This means that in only a few minutes from now you can begin following my directions and permanently heal your neck pain.

What Makes My Exercises Different From Any Other Method To Heal Neck Pain Is …

… they don’t focus directly on the sore or injured neck, but balance the whole body to support it to complete health.

They also loosen up and strengthen all the muscles AROUND the neck that have indirectly taken over the tension from the injured area.

These exercises therefore work faster and give more permanent results than traditional neck pain exercises or other methods used by physical therapists and chiropractors.

I’m always amazed when I see people who could hardly move any more walk straight in only a few minutes.

It’s nothing short of a miracle.

I am 54 and for the last 12 years have suffered increasingly from neck and back problems.

I tried nerve blocks, pharmaceuticals, and acupuncture, chiropractic and home remedies with little long term success. My doctor could offer little advice other than to prescribe pain-killers.

Every time I did your exercises, my pain became less and less and today I am a pain free man!!

I am so happy that I had read the advertisement about your exercises and decided to try them.

James Young
Cessnock, Australia

What’s even more important is…

They’re So Easy Anybody Can Do Them

If you feel as bad as I did, the last thing you want to do is perform some strenuous exercises. You simply don’t have the energy or body for it.

The beauty of these techniques is that they take absolutely no physical effort. They’re actually quite relaxing and easy.

It therefore doesn’t matter if you’re in no physical shape or – even severely obese – you’ll have no problem healing your neck.

You don’t need any tools or special gym. Practice in your living room or office for only a few minutes a day and you’ll be completely healed in a week.

So How Much Does Information Like This Cost?

It’s not easy to put a price tag on something so life-changing.

Because you’re not really getting a guide, program or a good deal…

What you’re getting is a chance to reclaim your life. To be able to do all those things you did before you got hurt without exhaustion and pain.

I was experiencing continual pain in my neck and primarily on my left side. I couldn’t work on the computer for more than 15 minutes.

After using your exercises, my condition has improved remarkably and the pain; of a continuous nature, has been relieved.

I feel 100% better and free of pain in my neck.

Rebecca Magras
Albany, Oregon

To be able to look behind you when driving a car, or pick up things you dropped without a major procedure.

To be able to take care of your children and grandchildren without dreading that your back will give in or you won’t be able to work.

Just Think About It…

How much does each visit to your doctor cost – at least $50.00, right?

That adds up to $600.00/ year if you go once a month.

You probably spend over $300.00 on pain killers every year.

If you’ve a chance of surgery it will be thousands of dollars – even if you have health insurance.

And yet, you can permanently heal your neck using this simple set of exercises for only a few minutes per day.

But I’m not going to charge anything close to $600.00 for doctor’s visits or $300.00 for pain killers.

The full cost of my exercise program is only a one time fee of $49. You’ll never have to spend another dime on healing your neck again.

And what’s more…

I Guarantee Results

I know there are lots of gimmicks out there and it’s hard to sort out what is real and what isn’t. Heck, I spent thousands on all kind of miracle solutions that never worked.

That’s why I promise if you’re not jumping up and down with joy (literally) after trying the exercises, simply send me an email and I’ll refund every penny.

The program doesn’t cost much but still, I want to make this 100% risk free for you.

Actually, let me give you this in writing:

8 Week 100% No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee!

If you for any reason are not totally thrilled with the results from my neck pain exercise program, contact me anytime within 8 weeks of ordering the program and I’ll refund you every single penny.

That’s my promise

I obviously couldn’t do this unless I knew for sure you’ll never want a refund. Because the exercises will help you like they’ve helped hundreds of people before you.

As soon as you place your order, you’ll be taken to a members’ area where you can learn the exercises online, print them out or visit the site as many times as you want.

No waiting for things to be mailed to you.

That means…

You Can Heal Your Neck TODAY!

The exercises are so simple and easy, you don’t have to spend any time learning them. So you can begin using them right away.

Imagine in an hour from now, the aggravating tension and pain in your neck will be gone.

…maybe forever!

I have had lots of neck problems and tried everything. I finally decided to check out your exercises.

They are amazing! It fixed my sore neck in just one treatment – better than the chiropractor. Now I can enjoy life! Enough Said.

John Derval
Dublin, Ireland

Recently I had a whiplash neck injury. My internist sent me to a neurosurgeon and I was told that outside of surgery, there was nothing that could help me.

Then a friend mentioned your program to me. At first I was very hesitant to try your exercises. I figured it was just a gimmick of some sort or another.

However, after using your exercises for two weeks, I can’t say enough good things.

Thank you all for healing my pain and giving me my life back!!

Chris Marston
Baltimore, Maryland

Picture how surprised your friends and family will be when you all of a sudden show up standing straight without the tension in your neck.

And think about how good you’re going to feel when you…

Wake Up TOMORROW Happy and Joyful With a Flexible Neck and Full Of Energy

You and you alone are responsible for your health. Now you have the tools to eliminate the pain you’ve been suffering from so badly.

You have nothing to lose but everything to gain because the cost is low and I guarantee results.

Take action today and reclaim your flexible, healthy neck in days.

Hundreds of people have already experienced this fantastic freedom. You can be one of them if you…

For your success,

Christian Goodman

Although my problem wasn’t severe enough to result in time off work or to prevent me from leading a fairly normal life, it did cause me considerable distress and discomfort.

The continual background of stiffness and pain was, apart from anything else, very debilitating.

Since completing your exercises, my neck is pain free and I feel a lot more relaxed and enjoyable life style.

I would say it is amazing!

Lori Erkel
White Rock, Canada

I was having very painful neck pains that traveled to my shoulder and causes tingling to my upper back and arm. Also, my head felt very heavy.

I felt the weight and pressure in my neck, a lot of clicking and grinding when moving my head in any direction.

Last June, thinking that nothing could be lost I decided to try your exercises.

Four months later I can still hardly believe my good luck in discovering your exercises and tell everyone I possibly can about it.

Even my husband, who was initially rather skeptical, has had to admit he was wrong!

Thank you and I wish you every future success.

Sue Calloway
London, UK