How Hypothyroidism Destroys Your BrainHypothyroidism is no fun. It robs you of energy, sleep, and often the joy of life. It’s one of the main causes of obesity in the world.

But it can also destroy your brain.

In fact, according to a study from Aarhus University Hospital, Odense University Hospital, the Hospital of Southern Jutland, and the University of Southern Denmark, people with hypothyroidism were 200% more likely to develop dementia.

And we’re talking about youngsters under 56 years old.

Fortunately, there are things you can do today to reverse both hypothyroidism and dementia.

These researchers used data previously collected from two large, long-term studies: the DNPR cohort and the OPENTHYRO cohort.

Altogether, 114,459 of their subjects had hypothyroidism. They used 680,104 healthy controls that matched them in sex and age.

They defined hypothyroidism as the collection of two prescriptions for thyroid hormone drugs or elevated thyroid-stimulating hormone levels above 4.0mIU/L on two consecutive tests.

They defined dementia based on a diagnosis by a doctor.

They established that people with hypothyroidism were indeed more likely to develop dementia than those with healthy thyroid function.

1. Hypothyroidism patients had a 22% higher risk of dementia, which was reduced to 18% higher when other dementia risks like cardiovascular disease were excluded from the analysis.

2. Young hypothyroid sufferers below age 56 showed an especially high risk, 2.03 times that of their healthy peers.

3. For every six months of elevated thyroid-stimulating hormone levels, their subjects’ risk of dementia increased by 12%.

The cause of the relationship between hypothyroidism and dementia is not yet well-understood.

Scientists do know that thyroid hormones help to regulate amyloid-beta, one of the peptides that constitutes the primary component of the amyloid plaques that appear in the brains of people with Alzheimer’s disease. If this is not regulated (because the thyroid hormones that are meant to do this are in short supply), such amyloid plaques can form.

But the main point is that you absolutely must manage and reverse your hypothyroidism to fight off the long list of health issues it causes—including dementia. Fortunately, this is not so hard to do if you follow the simple lifestyle changes explained here…

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