A Simple Blood-Pressure-Lowering TestThere is one thing you must be able to do if you’re going to have a chance to lower your blood pressure naturally.

In theory, this is the easiest thing to do. There is no talent or skill needed. You only need to read one sentence to learn how to do it.

Some of our readers will have no problem with this.

But for others, it’s going to be the hardest thing you ever tried.

So here is how the test goes: Sit down comfortably in your favorite spot and do absolutely nothing for 15 minutes. Don’t watch TV, surf the Internet, talk to anyone, or even think of anything. Just sit there and do nothing.

How did it go?

– Did you feel like you were wasting your time?

– Did you feel anxiety or a knot in your stomach?

– Did uncontrollable thoughts arise?

– Did you get an overwhelming urge to do something?

…if the answer is yes to any of the above questions, your cortisol (stress hormone) level is probably too high, which is what is causing your high blood pressure.

You see, high blood pressure is always caused by some level of stress. It could be sensory (traffic noise), mental (constantly thinking of something), emotional (conflicts in relationships), or physical (diseases, exercising too much).

The stress level builds up in your body in the form of stress hormones. Adrenalin is the boost hormone for short-term stress, but cortisol is the marathon runner of stress.

Cortisol is the stress hormone that tells your body to add on body fat, withdraw blood from the intestines (causing troubled bowel movements), slow down metabolism, and raise long-term high blood pressure.

When cortisol builds up, stress becomes chronic.

The strange thing is, you may not feel stressed even if your cortisol level is high. And there may not be anything stressful in your life today. Your body has just gotten used to having a high cortisol level.

But you’ll not be able to perform the task above. Your high cortisol level just won’t let you access a deep state of relaxation like that.

The only way to bring your cortisol level down and, therefore, lower your blood pressure naturally is to “reboot” your body to get used to lower levels of cortisol.

This can be done by using simple exercises that form what we call a “Focused Break.” These exercises temporarily remove all stress from your body, giving your brain the chance to realize that it doesn’t have to overload on cortisol at that present moment.

Once the brain realizes that there is no stress needed, it lowers the production of cortisol and blood pressure levels at the same time.

The “Focused Break” exercises are very simple and easy to perform. Anybody can do them, no matter your age or physical shape.

To learn more and try the Focused Break exercises out for yourself, click here…