Your Prostate Protected By This Popular DrinkYou’re going to love the results from a study published in the latest BMJ Open.

Because it reveals how a highly controversial drink that almost everyone loves protects your prostate from cancer.

And the best part? The more you drink, the better.

After searching through medical journal databases, these scientists identified the 16 strongest scientifically credible studies, with 1,081,586 participants and 57,732 cases of prostate cancer altogether.

They categorized participants based on coffee consumption, from heavy drinking to abstention. They divided the prostate cancer cases into localized and nonaggressive prostate cancer, advanced and aggressive prostate cancer, and fatal prostate cancer.

With all this information available, they could compare the groups to see who developed this cancer and who did not.

Compared to people who drank no coffee or very little, those who drank the most had a lower risk for prostate cancer:

1. They had a 9% lower prostate cancer risk overall.
2. They had a 12% lower risk of advanced and aggressive cancer.
3. They had a 16% lower risk of fatal cancer.

There was an almost 1% decrease in cancer risk with each additional cup of daily coffee.

The findings remained the same even after researchers controlled for possible prostate cancer risks like race, family history of prostate cancer, obesity, exercise, smoking, and alcohol intake.

So we know that drinking coffee helps prevent prostate cancer. But it’s not going to help for enlarged prostate.

So, how do you shrink enlarge prostate? Here are the simple steps thousands of readers have used to shrink their prostate to a normal size in days (and eliminate night-time peeing)…