New ED Study Reveals Bigger is NOT Better for MenPeople have often said “the bigger the better”, but this is not always the case for men with ED.

According to research published in the journal Medical Archives there is one body part that grows in men as they get older, which negatively impacts their ED even more.

And since this condition, according to The National Kidney and Urological Disease Information Clearinghouse, affects half of the men over the age of 60 and a whopping 90 percent of men over 80, it should be a big deal.

Urine and semen have to flow through the urethra in your penis before they can exit the body. But as you get older, these seemingly simple everyday acts become more difficult because your prostate glands multiply, causing swelling in the urethra. As a result, the urethra narrows, making it difficult for urine and semen to pass through.

And because your bladder never empties completely, and because it contracts, you always feel like you need to urinate.

Researchers gave participants the five-question version of the International Index of Erectile Function scale (or IIEF) to assess their level of ED.

The higher your score on the IIEF, the better your sexual function and the lower your score, the worse it is.

They found the larger a man’s prostate, the worse his score was.

Because the prostate produces semen, it’s always been thought that if it’s “bigger”, it produces more semen – the study found this not to be true – what matters is how easily the blood flows through it.

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