Type 2 Diabetes Can Detect the Deadliest Type of CancerBeing diagnosed with type 2 diabetes is not fun. But it might actually save your life.


You see, 14% of people diagnosed with a specific type of cancer at stage 1 will not survive longer than 5 years. While 1% of stage 4 sufferers are lucky if they reach that milestone, according to the American Cancer Society.

The outlook for this specific type of cancer is so grim because early diagnosis is rare and the symptoms are nonspecific.

But, scientists from The International Prevention Research Institute in Lyon have just found out that you might have more of a fighting chance of catching it early with the help of your diabetes of all things.

Type-2 diabetes and pancreatic cancer share some similar symptoms – abdominal discomfort, itchy skin, and weight loss.

This news could potentially save millions of people’s lives in the future, because pancreatic cancer is one of the deadliest. At stage 2 it spreads to the lymph nodes, at stage 3 the blood vessels or the nerves, and at stage 4 it attacks the remote organs.

Researchers studied 368,377 people with type 2 diabetes in Belgium and 456,311 in Italy. They discovered 25% of the participants went on to be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer approximately 3 months after their initial diabetes diagnosis.

This doesn’t necessarily indicate a causative relationship, but it might lead doctors to be more wary of their type 2 diabetes patients and to watch out for signs.

But this also suggests the same thing causes pancreatic cancer and type 2 diabetes. So, by taking actions to reverse your type 2 diabetes naturally, you could avoid pancreatic cancer as well.

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