Blood Pressure Lowered 5 Points With Surprising and Simple ExerciseIf your blood pressure measure yields a reading of 120/80 or less, pat yourself on the back – your blood pressure is under control.

This is becoming increasingly rare, however.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates approximately 25% of Americans have hypertension, and a further 33% of them have pre-hypertension – and the numbers are on the increase!

One of the biggest challenges for medical professionals is to catch people with moderately high blood pressure before they develop hypertension.

A research team from Delhi in India conducted a study on the effects of yoga on people with pre-hypertension.

They recruited 60 participants in their 50s and divided them into two groups – one did moderate aerobics, didn’t smoke, and ate healthier food.

The other received the same lifestyle advice, but also added yoga into the mix.

The group that followed the lifestyle changes remained the same, but the yoga group experienced an average reduction of 4.9 mmHg, consistently, every day they practiced yoga.

If a 4.9-point overall drop looks insignificant, bear in mind that a mere two mmHg drop in diastolic pressure can reduce your risk of coronary heart disease by 6% and that of stroke by 15% – this is enough to keep pre-hypertensive people from needing to start medication.

BUT Yoga may not be enough – to really drop your blood pressure below 120/80 starting today without drugs, you need to follow these – even simpler exercises…