The Candy That Undoes Type 2 DiabetesIn March 2016, the British Journal of Nutrition featured an article by a multinational research team that still seems super-surprising.

They found that consuming a particular candy reduces insulin levels along with the liver enzymes that people with insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes have more of. The result?

Their Type 2 Diabetes improved!

1,153 adults aged from 18 to 69 had their insulin levels and serum liver enzymes tested. They were selected at random after answering various health and lifestyle questions.

The researchers were keen to know how much chocolate they consumed as it’s rich in polyphenols—substances thought to influence glucose metabolism.

It was interesting to note that those who consumed the most chocolate did not fit the typical stereotype. They weren’t obese, middle-aged, inactive couch potatoes at all. They were actually younger, physically active, well educated, well-off individuals with fewer chronic health problems.

Also, the people who consumed the most chocolate had lower insulin levels, lower levels of insulin resistance (HOMA-IR), and the liver enzyme levels were lower too.

Their results held true despite differences in age, physical activity levels, and dietary habits.

Which means that lifestyle and dietary factors had no bearing on the results.

Of course, it’s best to ensure that the chocolate you eat is 65% dark. It’s got more coco and less sugar.

Are you a white chocolate lover? Sorry. It’s got no positive health benefits at all!

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