This Ancient Practice Beats Blood Pressure MedsThey can’t compete. Modern meds can often achieve good results in some areas, but when it comes to blood pressure reduction, there’s an ancient practice that’s fun, safe, and it leaves you feeling great, so without tablets, and without side effects, unless you count the overall feeling of calmness and serenity.

Researchers in Pennsylvania have added to the growing body of evidence in favor of yoga. They found that even light yoga practice lowers blood pressure like nothing else can, no prescription necessary.

They took a group of middle-aged men and women and split them into groups. One practiced yoga, one followed a special diet, and one did both.

The yoga-only group cut down their systolic blood pressure numbers, beating out those in the special diet group by an average of 3 points.

Those who combined the two approaches saw the best improvements of all, and lots of those taking part had their blood pressure drop by greater amounts than those using the most widely-used blood pressure meds—only without the unwanted side-effects.

We’ve based our simple blood pressure exercises on some aspects of the yoga philosophy, but the movements are nowhere near as taxing. That means you can benefit from them even if you aren’t in your best shape at the moment.

And you don’t even need to learn anything. No movements to remember and no names to learn. Just follow along with the audio. It couldn’t be simpler.

But our approach is even more powerful than yoga. Our blood pressure exercises help most people banish high blood pressure in just one week. Some even see results on day one. Check out our blood pressure exercises here. Afterwards you’ll wish you’d discovered us long ago.