This Sweet Stops Diabetes in Its TrackIf you have been diagnosed with type-2 diabetes or pre-diabetes, you have probably been told to avoid anything sugary.

Doctors generally even warn against too much fruit consumption, as fruits contain a lot of fruit sugar.

A new study by Illinois Institute of Technology researchers, however, revealed that one yummy fruit that will keep your blood sugar at bay.

Apparently, the more you eat of it, the better!

The study published in the journal Obesity recruited 21 overweight/obese people with pre-diabetes and 11 people who were metabolically healthy with whom to compare the former group against.

The scientists tested three breakfasts:

• one without red raspberries,
• one with one cup of red raspberries,
• one with 2 cups of it.

Aside from these, the three breakfasts contained the same amount of calories and the same macronutrients, high carbohydrate and moderate fat.

The subjects were rotated so by the end of the study, each had eaten all three of the breakfasts.

Results: the more red raspberries were eaten with breakfast, the lower the insulin and blood glucose levels found in their subjects.

On one and two cups of red raspberries, it was found that their average insulin levels just two hours after breakfast were lower when compared with those who ate no raspberries at all.

On two cups of red raspberries, their peak insulin, peak glucose, and glucose average levels two hours after breakfast were lower than their peers who did not eat raspberries for breakfast.

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