Avoid ED by Learning ThisThis is one of the weirdest findings about ED that I have seen. Apparently, learning something is the biggest factor in avoiding ED.

And we are not talking about learning a skill or a technique.

According to a new study from Wroclaw Medical University in Poland, in order to avoid ED, you should learn this “mental thing”.

The researchers recruited 808 male patients who had been diagnosed with ischemic heart disease (clogged arteries) and who were receiving treatment for it at five medical centers.

They completed the International Index of Erectile Function 5 questionnaire to assess their level of ED, a modified Framingham questionnaire that was used to ascertain their level of physical activity, and all their Socioeconomic, demographic, occupational, and lifestyle data were also collected with their medical documentation.

76 percent of participants experienced ED, a staggeringly high rate.

Not so surprising findings:

The occurrence of ED was more common in older men, in those with a lower physical exercise tolerance, in those who were physically inactive, in those with higher blood pressure in the left ventricle, in those with a weaker pumping from the left ventricle, in those who had smoked more at some stage of their lives, in those with diabetes, and in those with the most negative modifiable lifestyle factors.

Interesting findings:

Body mass index, waist circumference, and previous heart attack were all surprisingly irrelevant.

Surprising findings:

Regarding educational status, they divided the subjects into four groups, ranging from basic to vocational, secondary, and higher.

The better educated the subjects were, the less likely they were to have ED and the less severe their ED was if they had it.

So apparently, men could potentially avoid ED by getting a college degree.

But if you don’t have a college degree, getting one now is probably not going to heal your ED.

And the findings were, of course, not absolute, as can be seen by the many men with a college degree who still suffer from ED.

Fortunately, all men of all educational level can completely eliminate their ED through the use of simple home exercises that can be found here…