The Most Drastic Way to Heal ED (is the pain worth it?)There is one extreme treatment that has a good chance of curing your ED for good.

Cons: It requires no pills or medications but it is extremely invasive and you could even say weird.

Pros: 80% of men and their partners are extremely happy they did it and 97% strongly recommend it.

The only question, are you brave enough to do it?

An interesting report appeared recently in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

The authors interviewed 47 men who had undergone penile prosthesis implantation between 2003 and 2012.

All the men chose to have the surgery performed to cure their erectile dysfunction, rather than for other medical reasons, and the study asked them about their level of satisfaction with the results.

Of the participants, 79% percent of the men reported being happy with the implants. During the interviews, the most common reasons for reporting satisfaction included these:

1. Themes related to the enhancement of self-esteem, confidence, male identity, positive emotions, and general quality of life were mentioned 54 times.

2. Themes related to improved erections, vaginal penetration, penis size, and sexual satisfaction were mentioned 54 times.

3. Themes related to an improvement in their relationships and in pleasuring their partners were mentioned 11 times.

The researchers concluded that those who were unhappy with the implants simply expected too much. Some were unhappy because they thought their penises would be bigger afterwards, while others expected it to be a panacea for a wide range of their problems in their non-sexual life.

It is possible that the small number of unsatisfied implant recipients can be even further reduced by providing proper preoperative counseling during which they should be furnished with realistic expectations to close the gap between their expectations and the eventual outcome.

If you want to know what the partners think, they seem to be even happier than the implant recipients were. 82% of the partners gave excellent sexual satisfaction scores, and a full 97% of participants and partners would recommend the surgery to others.

The satisfaction scores are surprising, given how unappealing the devices seem at first glance. There are essentially two types:

1. A non-inflatable implant that is the cheapest and that is entirely hidden inside your body. Unfortunately, this means you walk around with a permanent erection.

2. Inflatable implants come in several forms, but the basic components are a reservoir of saline, two cylinders inside the penis, and a pump between your testicles that you press to transfer the saline from the reservoir to the cylinders. When you are done, you press on the pump’s deflation valve to return the saline to the reservoir. All these components are also inside your body.

However, my recommendation is to go for a simpler, easier and less intruding method to heal your ED. Best of all, it’s completely natural and permanent.

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