This Free Activity Heals Cholesterol and InflammationYou probably have heard about certain benefits related to probiotics. For example, it increases good gut-bacteria, which lowers inflammation throughout the body.

And you may have learned that cholesterol plaque buildup in your heart is mostly caused by inflammation.

Yet, probiotics are both expensive and limited.

A new study that was published in the journal Frontiers in Microbiology revealed a free, more effective method that can instantly transform bad gut bacteria, turning them into the good guys.

This would not only improve inflammation but also drastically lower LDL (bad cholesterol) levels.

A team of Finnish researchers recruited 17 overweight women and asked them to adopt an endurance exercise program for six weeks, which was supervised by professional trainers.

During the three training sessions scheduled per week, the intensity of their exercise was controlled with a bicycle ergometer (to measure energy consumption) and a heart rate monitor.

The researchers collected fecal and blood samples from the participants prior to the commencement of the exercise program and after its completion, to test the participant’s intestinal bacteria, and cholesterol, along with a wide range of other chemical substances.

Their weight, fat composition, and body mass index were also measured.

They discovered the following:

1. The subject’s intestinal proteobacteria, a bacterium known to cause inflammation, decreased.

2. Their intestinal akkermansia, a bacterium known to promote metabolic health, increased.

3. The fat and cholesterol in their VLDL (very low-density lipoprotein’s) particles decreased. This is important, as VLDL is converted to LDL cholesterol once it is in your arteries, and LDL cholesterol is the type that tends to become trapped in your arterial walls.

4. Their Vascular adhesion protein-1, which promotes inflammation, was also found to have decreased.

So, exercises change our gut bacteria from pro-inflammatory to anti-inflammatory types and can therefore reduce the amount of cholesterol buildup in the heart arteries.

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