3 Weird Causes of High Blood Pressure and How to Tackle Them NaturallyScientists recently discovered three weird causes of high blood pressure. Unfortunately, these causes are already in effect in your life and there is nothing that can be done about them.

But there is the fourth cause, and this is more devastating than the other three combined. And the great news is that you can easily tackle this fourth one and completely cure your high blood pressure.

Scientists that were studying what makes a person more likely to develop high blood pressure (HBP) wanted to look beyond preventable lifestyle issues, such as diet and exercise.

In the study, they looked at health factors for more than 1,000 people that were born in the early 1970s.

What they found was that after adjusting for the lifestyle issues, there were some genetic trends that still played a factor.

Traits that sufferers can’t control but that contributed included:

Being underweight at birth
– Being the first-born
Being male

While none of these, (or even all of them) are a guarantee that a person will suffer from HBP as an adult, these traits can be used as a red flag for screening purposes, so a person can get down to the serious business of controlling it.

And the truth is, those blood pressure factors we CAN control were found to be much more destructive than those we can’t.

A chief factor among them was stress.

The biological stress of being overweight, the environmental stress of pollution and noise, and emotional stress of work, moving, divorce, etc. all cause high blood pressure.

With so many assaults being launched at your body’s system while it attempts to maintain equilibrium, it’s important to know how to undo the damage safely and effectively. And wouldn’t it be great if this remedy was also 100% natural and effective?

There is a way, and it fits all of these requirements. These 3 easy exercises are the best way I know of that can drop high blood pressure below 120/80 – in a matter of minutes…