Does ED Stem Cell Treatment Work?Stem cell treatment has become a modern trend for almost any medical condition, including ED, and increasing amounts of doctors are now offering it as a treatment.

But does it actually work?

Many animal studies have been quite promising, but at this stage, studies on humans with strong scientific controls in place have been lacking.

In the latest edition of the journal Urologia, researchers attempted to get to the truth behind this matter.

The principle of stem cell treatment is to extract stem cells from your abdominal fat cells or from your bone marrow and to inject them into the erectile tissue of your penis. It renews and repairs your own penile tissue and is supposedly a method to remedy ED permanently.

Researchers tested it on four diabetic patients with ED, using stem cells derived from their bone marrow.

After two years, their subjects experienced no negative effects and reported an improvement in erectile function, sexual desire, intercourse satisfaction, and overall satisfaction.

However, a study with four participants and the lack of a control group is not going to convince many scientists, as it is scientifically too weak to be established as a fact.

If you want to prove that your treatment works, you must apply that treatment to one group, and a sham treatment (placebo) to another group, and then compare both groups.

You can then claim that your treatment works only if the treatment group alone experiences an improvement, while the placebo group remains relatively unchanged.

Moreover, neither the research volunteers nor the researchers themselves should know who received the real treatment and who received the sham treatment. This would be called the double-blind effect.

Otherwise, the volunteers might imagine having an improvement where none exists just because they believe that they have received a treatment, and researchers could also influence the volunteers if they knew.

At this stage, no similar studies on stem cell treatment for ED have been performed.

Furthermore, your erectile dysfunction is most likely not to be caused by damage in the tissues of the penis. It just needs a little boost of blood pressure.

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