A Fun and Effective Way to Treat High Blood PressureHave you ever had the kind of fun, light-hearted doctor that we see on TV?

You know, the one that jokes about while also being caring, which always makes the visit pleasurable.

I guess to be that kind of doctor, the job also has to be fun. And a new method developed to treat high blood pressure does just that. It’s fun for both the physician and patient.

It is much more efficient than traditional methods.

In the study from the Veteran’s Affairs Boston Healthcare System and Brigham and Women’s Hospital, 111 new physicians were either assigned to read traditional material or a fun phone application game to learn to treat high blood pressure.

Then they were sent out on a mission to help people manage their blood pressure.

The traditional learning group took 148 days on average to get their patient’s blood pressure under control. Whereas the computer game group did it in 142 days on average.

The bad news is that both groups, of course, used dangerous blood pressure medications with serious side effects to manage their patient’s conditions. I hope that soon there will be an educational game that teaches doctors to control blood pressure using natural methods.

But there is a fun, easy way to naturally drop your blood pressure below 120/80 – starting today.

Many readers have told me that once their blood pressure was under control, they didn’t want to stop because it’s so much fun. Learn this simple method here…