Fizzy SupplementsHere on Blue Heron Health News, we’ve written hundreds of articles on the benefits of various supplements for myriad health conditions like high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and arthritis.

But a recent study from Britain’s University of Dundee and University College reveals how one particular – but very common- supplement, has exactly the opposite effect… it makes your blood pressure skyrocket and increases the risk of stroke and heart attack.

The really bad news is that millions of people take this particular supplement thinking it will improve their health when the opposite is true.

Making a supplement in an effervescent form, as with a fizzy, drinkable vitamin C or other proprietary blend is proving to cause more harm than good, according to research out of London recently.

Scientists at Britain’s University of Dundee and University College looked at study participants’ blood pressure and risk of stroke, comparing those who take supplements in a dissolvable, fizzy form and those taking the same supplement in the same dose in any other way, as with a tablet or sub-lingual drop.

What they found was that using a dissolvable effervescent, or fizzy compound, places the user at a 16% increased risk of suffering a stroke, and dramatically increases the user’s blood pressure.

This is because one of the main ingredients is sodium bicarbonate, which is what gives a product its characteristic fizz when added to water.

Researchers note that taking the maximum allowable daily dose of the supplement can more than quadruple the recommended maximum intake for sodium. For people with sodium-affected hypertension, this can be a very dangerous way to take an otherwise very helpful vitamin supplement.

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