artificial_sweeteners_health_risksSince the beginning of the era of artificial sweeteners, consumers have been encouraged to use them instead of a regular sugar- especially those suffering from type 2 diabetes and obesity.

However, artificial sweeteners are not just an innocent, calorie-free substance that makes you life sweeter without any harmful health consequences.

In fact, they increase the risk of type 2 diabetes and obesity as proven in new research from the Washington University school of Medicine.

Researchers from WU in a small study recently discovered that the artificial sweetener Sucralose (known as Splenda) affects the body’s ability to manage glucose (sugar) intake and insulin levels in the blood.

[adrotate group=”5″]The research was carried out on 17 individuals suffering from severe obesity (having a body mass index over 42 ). None of them were consuming Sucralose regularly, nor suffering from diabetes.

The study group was asked to either consume water or sucralose (Splenda) before undergoing an oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT).
An oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) is a medical test where a glucose (sugar) solution is given and blood samples are taken afterward to determine how quickly glucose is cleared from the blood. It is usually performed to test for diabetes and insulin resistance.

The participants were tested twice. In the first visit of the study they were asked to consume a glass of water before undergoing the OGTT.

In the second visit, the experimental group was asked to consume a sucralose (Splenda) solution before undergoing another glucose tolerance test.

Their blood samples were taken to compare both results.

Researchers were astounded by the results of the study.

When the experimental group consumed sucralose (Splenda) before undergoing the blood test, their blood sugar levels were significantly higher compared to the results when they only took water before the test. As well, the insulin levels were 20 % higher in the experimental phase when they consumed Sucralose.

Researchers point out that increased insulin levels might be a good sign as it shows that the body is able to deal with spiking blood sugar levels. However, the constant production of insulin is very risky as the body’s cells might become insulin-resistant; this is a significant risk factor in developing type 2 diabetes.

This information could serve as a wake-up call for people who regularly drink sodas or eat food sweetened with this artificial sweetener.

Another study presented at a meeting of the American Diabetes Association reveals a shocking discovery that diet soda consumers compared to regular soda drinkers had significantly greater waistlines over a 10 year period and considerably greater risk to develop type 2 diabetes.

This information doesn’t imply that regular sugar sodas are healthier than diet ones. It simply reveals the truth that artificial sweeteners have the ability to cause our body to trigger certain responses like insulin and sugar level spikes.

Obviously, any type of soda whether it is regular or diet has the ability to increase blood sugar levels and also increase calorie intake.

Wouldn’t it be much healthier to quench our thirst with a zero calorie drink, given to us by Mother Nature herself and so essential to our bodies- water?

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