Research out of one of the most amazing locations for food in the world- Brazil – looked recently at what people with high blood pressure crave to eat as compared to their normal blood pressure counterparts.

The study out of Sao Paulo examined food preferences and found a frustrating trend, but also reason for encouragement, for people who suffer from high blood pressure.

When given the choice of plain bread dipped in varying degrees of salt, researchers in Sao Paulo, Brazil discovered that people with high blood pressure preferred the breads with the highest concentrations when compared to people who have normal blood pressure.

[adrotate group=”5″]This led scientists to theorize that people with high blood pressure may already crave the very substance that exacerbates the hypertension problem.

However, they did find that seasoning bread with low- or no-sodium flavorings diminished the strength of preference for the salty breads in both groups.

The study did not go into the specific reasons that hypertensive adults prefer salty foods, but other studies have shown that it might not be a genetic predisposition. They suggests that people who are under the highest amounts of stress- no matter what the source (environmental, sensory, biological, etc), crave the highest amounts of salt.

It supports the phrase “comfort food.” Stress hormones in the blood have an effect on more than nerves and the cells of our organs. They affect even our taste buds, causing us to crave high-sugar and high-salt foods.

However, stress delivers a knockout punch as well by causing the body to lose its ability to process the additional amounts of sugar and salt, and causing the cells to react as if twice the amount is actually consumed. This leads to higher blood pressure and the cycle continues.

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