This Delicious Smoothie Lowers Blood Pressure

Aside from the hectic, over-committed lifestyle pace that can lead to high blood pressure, many people find that they are not eating properly due to the same time constraints.

Grab-and-go meals are at an all-time high and the damaging effects of all this processing are all but eliminating any nutritive benefit we might be getting from our meals. So how do we balance getting what we need with getting out the door or on the road so we can keep the mortgage paid?

The answer lies in a blender, some fresh foods, and a commuter cup that DOESN’T have coffee in it; instead, it holds a blood pressure-lowering to-go meal fit for a king.

Two of the most important minerals for healthy blood pressure ate potassium and calcium. The best sources of these nutrients are leafy greens, dairy products, cruciferous vegees, and fruits/vegetables of deep color like squash, avocado, and apricots.

So how do you get the best concentrations of these foods in one meal without having to sit over a salad bowl? Grab a blender and your shopping list, and give this delicious smoothie a go.

What you need:

6 ounces plain yogurt
1 avocado, peeled and cut into pieces
6 ounces baby spinach, washed
1 banana, peeled
1 cup of either: frozen mango, blueberries, or strawberries
3 tablespoons honey (local is the best)
1 tablespoon of grated ginger root

Ginger can be grated in advance and frozen in ice cube trays. Everything else can just be grabbed, peeled, and dumped into the blender. Add water until it’s as thin as you like. Some people like thicker smoothies, some prefer them to be able to be consumed through a straw. It’s up to you.

Blend all ingredients until smooth, pour into a commuter mug and you are on your way.

You might find that after a week of these for breakfast, you also have lost 5 pounds. It kills the munchies and satisfies the sweet tooth.

For variations that are guaranteed to drop blood pressure, substitute a beet for the avocado or watermelon for the spinach.

What are your favorite blood pressure-lowering ingredients? Why not share in the comment section below.

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  1. What can I have in place of the yoghurt? I am lactose intolerant

  2. Krishna Kumar Dhandhania

    It can be conveniently prepared and shall be tasty as it appears…A very good recipe for lowering pressures…Shall give it a try.

  3. I make a very similar concoction, however, I do not do dairy, so no yoghurt. The avocado will add the desired creamy texture to the smoothie. I do add a beet and also 1 garlic clove and 1/4 teaspoon of cayenne, pepper, both reknowned blood tonics and they add a nice kick! However, I disagree with the addition of the honey, we consume too much fructose as it is. Add an apple, which together with the beet will make the smoothie sweet enough.

  4. Thanks for giving us all the ingredients for making Delicious Smoothie for lowering blood pressure….

  5. Normal blood pressure is so important, I felt it was appropriate to mention this even though this comment doesn't pertain to a quick smoothie breakfast.
    For the past few months, I seemed to have created a good natural sedative for sleeping through the night and lowering my BP! After a few beers and popcorn while watching sports or a movie, I found myself lookinf for a bedtime snack. One night I had a banana and a handful of almonds – instantly slept through the night! Been doing it for months now and my BP has lowered 20 points (124/70)! Must be the potassium, tryptophan, protein, and good fats!

  6. Maybe if you put down the beer and popcorn and moved away from the TV, you wouldn't need the banana and almonds. 🙂

  7. But… that wouldn't be much fun would it! About Jacqi's college choice – John Hopkins I think has a great teaching hospital, maybe easier for acceptance if her BS comes from JHU. But there's some great med schools in NY probably looking for Columbia grads too. With her scholastic record, she'll do fine wherever she chooses.

  8. @D. Out here in California, the stores carry soy, almond, coconut milk and various other yogurts (including sheep/goat milk-which most lactose intolerant people can handle). If your local store does not carry these. Shop amazon. they have everything! peace.

  9. Would love to lower my blood pressure and dropping medication am presently taking. Your delicious smoothie sounds great, however I am allergic to avocado. Can you please help?

  10. I have found a great receipe to lower your BP for those who are lactose intolerant, here it is.
    Half of an orange, remover the outer orange peel, but leave the whiter part and the seeds,this part is loaded with fiber. Half of a cucumber,leave all the seeds in. One celery stick, a handful of spinach leaves,wash. A piece of pineapple, a small piece if ginger (optional) and a few cubes of ice.
    In a vita mix blend all ingredients and enjoy your drink. It will come out green because of the cucumber, spinach and celery.The orange and pineapple gives it the sweet taste. PS it will come out better in a vita mix than a blender. I would advice those who can, to invest in a vita mix. I have one and I love it. Have a great week and be bless with vita health.

  11. Neither do I do avacado or spicy. So? Like the idea of an apple instead of honey. Recommend Blend Tec, same principle as VitaMix, but less pricey. Love ours!

  12. Johns Hopkins and Harvard medical schools seem to be neck and neck in the running for best U.S. medical schools. Interestingly, we're finding that many medical schools prefer not to admit undergraduates from their school. When Jackie was at Vanderbilt several weeks ago, she learned that it was very hard for Vanderbilt undergraduates to get into Vanderbilt medical school.

  13. BTW, it's the height of irony for me to be giving you health advice. If I spent 60 hours a week exercising, I could never hope to achieve your level of fitness. You are my hero. 🙂

  14. Jo-Ann R Jarvis

    Aaawww!! be nice to each other…

  15. I’m alergic to bananas. So many smoothies have them in the recipe. Is there something else I can use instead?????

  16. Raw ginger is widely known to raise blood pressure. It is very healthy though.

  17. Thanks for every other great post.

  18. Anastasia Onochie Omeke

    Hi Iris, in place of avocado, beet will do.

  19. Thanks everyone. Very informative posts.

  20. I'm certain the beers had something to do with it too! My doc says to eat bananas; they really are almost the perfect food.

  21. Ginger improves circulation.

  22. There are many veggies I can juice. Even collard greens and carrots and spinach and other green,
    leafy vegetables. They are good with ginger and garlic, an apple w the seeds and a banana. I don’t
    know the proportions to make it taste good.

  23. I agree with Devin that Ginger Root raises blood pressure and especially with Honey as well. Our frend has just had serious high blood pressure and she was putting Ginger Root into her Soup all the time, she has now stopped it and her BP has come down…my wife is a Complementary Practitioner and has treated patients for over 30 years and knows what herbs are good for various conditions…Hawthorn Berry (Crateagus) is very good for bring BP down….

  24. Dr. Oz recommends slightly green bananas they are not filled with as much sugar as a ripe banana .

  25. I love reading the reader’s comments on this website. I have come away with such good suggestions for lowering blood pressure and for good health. Thanks.

  26. I,m confused. Other website will tell that ginger root lessens BP, that is why I am drinking it before sleep to insure that my BP will be lowered when I sleep. What is really the correct findings for taking ginger root? Please give us the right, sincere and correct information. Thank you.

    I am confused! Other website will tell us that ginger root lowers BP and it is proven. And now, here, I,ve read that ginger root will raise BP. Which is now is correct? Pls give us the correct, sincere and right information. Thank you

  27. Ginger is usually considered to lower blood pressure (that’s why we recommend it here). Different foods/herbs can however possible affect different people in different way. The only way to know for absolutely sure is to have a home blood pressure monitor and check your blood pressure regularly as you try new things.

  28. Acid reflux
    You don't have any answer I ask you which remedy but only written so many pages please answer what remady for acids remady

  29. one banana, a mango and 3 tablespoons of honey in a drink….are you trying to heal or maim people. the amount of fructose and sweet in that is detrimental to anyone and people with high blood pressure, many who are older are somewhat insulin resistant…..please be more responsible.

  30. you more than likely need to clean house (colon, liver, gall bladder) to be followed by being sure your good food you eat is being properly digested.

  31. I have learnt alot to reduce my Blood pressure and will start today!!

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