A supplement made from a certain kind of berry has been used for years to treat enlarged prostate for men over 50.

But recently an added benefit has been documented that is getting the attention of men with erectile dysfunction.

Men with benign prostate issues have been urged for years to include Saw Palmetto extract in their supplement regimen because of its effect on reducing an enlarged prostate.

Urinary problems that appear with an enlarged prostate have been shown to improve after using the extract as well, which is one of the reasons the extract is so popular.

A recent study out of Switzerland showed a 320 mg daily capsule of Saw Palmetto extract was able to drop the percentage of men suffering enlarged prostate from 18% down to 4%.

More impressive, though, were the effects on erectile performance. A whopping 66% of the men in the trial reported an improvement in sexual performance while taking the supplement.

What is notable, remarked Dr. Eugen Riedi, the urologist who performed the trial, was the lack of side effects often seen with prescription drugs used to treat erectile dysfunction.

Saw Palmetto extract, as opposed to prescription drugs like Viagra or Cialis, has no effect on blood pressure, and therefore isn’t named on lists for drug interaction like you’d find for those taking blood pressure medicine or that for heart failure.

You can choose between various brands of Saw Palmetto extract in your local health food store. As always, when choosing supplements go for a good quality brand even if it costs a little more.

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