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The Only Cause of All Diseases

In all my research, and after talking to and working with hundreds of natural health researchers and doctors, I’ve found ONE fundamental underlying cause of literally ALL diseases.

In today’s feature article, I’ll discuss this ONE cause and how to tackle it using natural methods without side effects.

I’m sure some readers will love this but others won’t agree, so read on and take part in the lively discussion below.

It’s no coincidence that people who suffer from one condition tend to also experience other health problems. No disease works in isolation. It’s always a sign that there is something underlying we need to deal with.

Over 60% of people with Type 2 Diabetes, for example, have high blood pressure. The majority also have high cholesterol and are overweight. These conditions so often (but not always) go together. This is pretty well known.

The connection between high blood pressure and erectile dysfunction may however surprise you even more. A study published in the Journal of Urology revealed that 68% of men with high blood pressure also suffered with some degree of ED.

Chronic neck pain has been connected to the development of Alzheimer’s later on in life. So too, has high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, arthritis, migraine and many other conditions.

At Blue Heron Health News, we have several writers and natural health researchers who offer guides for many of these conditions. All of us use somewhat different approaches and methods. One thing we’ve noticed is how often when people are focusing on one condition, it automatically helps with other related, or sometimes seemingly unrelated conditions.

Jodi Knapp, for example, has an amazingly effective guide to tackle type 2 diabetes. Hundreds of people have completely healed their diabetes using her methods. To their surprise, as they followed her advice, their blood pressure also often goes down. Additionally,  cholesterol levels improve too.

The same thing can be said about all of our methods. They are focused on one condition but improve various health issues.  (Well,  isn’t that a pleasant difference from the side effects of traditional medications!)

I don’t say this to plug our programs, but to make a point:

All health issues have the same underlying cause!

I like to call it stress. But that word may be misleading because most of us connect the word stress to emotional stress. Whereas stress can be any kind of push or attack against us that causes strain.

And that is only half the story. The other side of the coin is what I call “lack of defense” or “lack of energy.”

Let me give you an example…

The supermarkets are filled with heavily processed food. Many people get over 90% of their daily diet from these processed foods.

Whether it’s a frozen microwave meal or a McDonalds hamburger, these meals are loaded with all kinds of chemicals. Our bodies are not designed to process these chemicals. This causes physical stress in our digestive system.

As if this wasn’t bad enough, there is absolutely no nutritional value in these processed foods. Even if they have some vegetables or meat in them, the real energy has been processed out of them. This causes a lack of defense to deal with the chemicals.

The only thing that’s easy for the body to do is to process the sugars and fats out of the fast food and load it into the arteries or store it as body fats. This causes the blood sugar spikes for short while, causing physical stress again. The fat adds to weight gain that causes more physical stress. The fat also clogs cell receptors causing more stress and leading to type 2 diabetes. WOW!

Now this is only the food…

At the same time, we have to deal with all kinds of “sensory stress.”  Studies have, for example, shown that living close to loud traffic noise dramatically increases the level of stress hormones the body releases. Fast moving objects (like cars), TV, loud fighting, etc. all add to these sensory stress levels. And because we don’t have the nutrition from the food we eat, we don’t have the same energy to deal with this.

Add to this the disagreement we just had with our spouse, our boss, our kids or our friends. Add on to that money worries, divorce, death of someone close to us, or having to move.  Add on to that the stupid politician who couldn’t do his or her job or that rude customer service representative who didn’t want to help us. Add on to that the sexual problems all of this is causing.  Then, we have an overload of emotional stress on top of everything.

As all of this different type of stress is building up, our blood pressure is rising, our cholesterol is rising, our weight is increasing, our blood sugar level is constantly too high and we have chronic pain. Now our physical, sensory, mental and emotional stress is also becoming chronic. Our bodies are constantly overloaded with stress hormones.

And then we begin worrying about our health!

The worst part is that as our stress level increases, our brain is wired to be in constant fight or flight mode. This makes our problem solving skills drop close to zero. So we can’t tackle our problems like we used to.


Under these conditions (and they of course do not have to be so severe) we have no energy left to fight off any kind of health threat that attacks us.

Every person has several hundred cancers developing in our bodies every year.  Our immune system fights them off and gets rid of them. We are also exposed to thousands of threatening bacteria and viruses every day and our immune system most often kills them before we get sick. But, if we don’t have any energy left to fight it off…

Fortunately, there is a lot you can do. In fact, anything that you do to improve your health will benefit all other health issues you may experience.

Here is where I’d begin:

1) Improve your diet. Throw away most of the processed food and fill your fridge with fresh vegetables (80%) and organic meat and complete carbohydrates. Try to eat as much raw, fresh food as you can. This will reduce the stress from chemicals and increase your energy level to fight off diseases.

2) Reduce emotional stress as much as possible. Can you get away with less or are you sweating the small stuff? In every situation remember that if you  are reacting, you are attacking yourself.

3) Spend at least a few minutes a day doing nothing in a quiet place with little sensory stimulation. This helps recharge the batteries.

4) Work out for an hour per day, six days a week. This doesn’t have to be a hard workout. Walking has been shown to be just as beneficial as jogging.

These things all work together. You’ll find that when you eat well, it’s easier to work out and relax. You’ll have more energy and therefore not be as reactive. You’ll also be equipped to  better deal with stressful events and so they won’t be as damaging.

What I’ve found to work the quickest is to give the body and mind what I call a “Focused Break.”  A “focused break” kind of hits the “reboot” button and helps the body to start anew. If you want to learn more about this, check out my High Blood Pressure Program…

Here at Blue Heron Health News, we’ve repeatedly witnessed how people who use more than one of our guides, often multiply the benefits they reap. Not only do they benefit from gaining relief for the disease they are focusing on, but they gain benefits for their overall health and often unrelated conditions that they had no hope to ever cure.

You can find all of our health guides on the right hand side of this page. But first, take part in the discussion and leave your comments below…

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  1. Thank you so much for this article. You are the best, my health has greatly improved since i discovered your articles.

  2. Sandra Kerevan Sampson

    stress, emotional or physical switches off your immune system. Switch it back on by good diet, exercise and being happy.

  3. Stress influences both immunity and hormones and hence plays the key role in the cause of disease.If your bad genes are not disturbed by stress you will be unlikely to find that you have bad genes.

  4. well enumerated christian and there is more.

    blessings, dale

  5. Christain thank you so much for this article. Lots of good , and useful information.

  6. So,All of us are at war with our health.There seems to be never ending problems.One good thing is we are really better off learning the knowledge by these articles to improve our health.You are giving us this ‘GEM’of knowledge & I am thankful for it.

  7. Great article. Great advice. I agree with you 100%.

  8. Rick Harris-Williams

    Been searching for a natural approach to my HBP and attacking stress… Thank you for this article; i will begin making changes immediately!

  9. You forget somethings wrong such as egoisme,too much rituals despite learn and hardwork,sitting in cars and greedy,regards.

  10. I agree with your ways to achieve better health .I learned these lessons the hard way due to many of the stressors that have happened to me but did not know at the time how very lethal stress is to us. Thank you for your information.

  11. What a dynamic article…so smart…so honest…such common sense…if only people today would adhere to same there would be much less sickness…especially for the younger population.

  12. Roberta Crawford Morency

    The ONE most common cause of all disease, including deadly and expensive ones is:
    excessive storage iron. At the site were it is stored the iron oxidizes (rusts) and feeds canceer cells, bacteria, giving an infection that is hard to overcome.
    If you have diabetes and are not getting a blood test for ferritin, you are not paying attention.
    Roberta Crawford Morency, spokesperson for iron overload

  13. Right on the money Christian, our health is dependant on our diet, attitude and exercise. I love the comman sense approach to your health articles, keep em coming.

  14. Entire health can cascade downwards from one episode into increasingly devastating conditions. That can be reversed completely by conscientious application of good nutrition, rest, exercise, things we tend to overlook in this fast paced age. Always try to pause, meditate, love, and check your progress with your doctor.

  15. Fantastic in-sight, this a excellent moyivation article, I know it actually workded for me, thanks a lot from a 69 yr young man.

  16. Just a comment on the article, Stress is both good and bad. We need some stress to be able to tackle the harder tasks. The bad stress comes in when we don’t recognize that the need for that kind of energy is not needed.
    You are right when you say things are connected. Your courses have taught me to reach for the core of the sourse creating the problem, also the fix is not instant, nor without some routine and dedication. I think that we sometimes forget that to cure a problem we need to focus on just that problem, not the junk that surronds them.

  17. A lot depends on your willingness to change, to adapt to get off the sharp
    tack you are sitting on. Medical research has several studies describing
    post- heart attack patients who may have had bypass surgery,may have had a stent to open up the blood vessel. The ones who were followed up that had an
    attitude that I will change and live a normal life, I can accept change of habits, change of diet and I can exercise, continually live and enjoy life.
    The similiar post- heart attack patients who were rigid, deny that any change is needed on their part, it is inevitable since my dad died of the same condition.
    I can eat all the cokes I want, ice cream, candy, 16 0z steak and pizza,etc.,these patients often were dead of massive strokes, or heart attacks before the year was out. Just something to think about that we need to be in control of our own health, no medical procedure makes us heal, we do. Norma , R.N.

  18. While I do agree with the central premise that stress in its various forms underlies many degenerative diseases … I do not agree that we should resort to throwing out the foods we enjoy.

    Simply eat less of them!

  19. I will be 83 years old tomorrow. I believe there is healthy stress. Hunger is a stress that is benificial when test taking in my experience. I graduated from college “with honors”. My profession as a consulting forester, self employed, was about 90% field, mostly in the Northwest mountains, and 10% computations and report writing, not typing. Typing is stressful. At my last VA physical my new Primary Care did not order a blood lipid panel because the results had been so good for so long. I suppose if I gained weight or my blood pressure went up he might order them again. Of the half dozen or so men I work with at a Food Pantry, 150 boxes, I have been told I have the hardest job. I break down small boxes for recycling and repair larger ones for reuse. I like your articles and learn a lot from them. Thanks Gene

  20. Thanks you so much for this wonderfull article. It is so important to know how all diseases are cause. am going to follow your tips and am sure to improve my on my health.
    May God continue to blessed you.

  21. I’ve been concerned that physical exercise might unfavorably produce physical stress. Some of the “symptoms” of my (moderate) aerobic workouts include such stress markers as increased pulse and dry mouth (so that we all drink water in the course of a workout). I am in good health with a focus on healthy diet and exercise (I alternate days of aerobic exercise and yoga classes), so I continue to try to be alert to potential stress causes. Does anyone know whether aerobics adds to elevated C-reactive protein? Thanks so much for all of Blue Heron’s concerns and compassion.

  22. good article-bottom line is to disconnect from 95% of what our “culture” offers us [I would add: throw out your television!], and be discriminating about the rest.

  23. Awesome article….great reminder on how to minimize stressers and regain optimal health and healing.

  24. All your articles are interesting, but for me this one is the best. Thank you so much Christian.

  25. This is so helpful! I can tell even if I’ve just read the first page. Thank you so much! and keep on giving out important information to all!

  26. Totally agree, if only the medicos would tell people this instead of prescribing pills!

  27. That’s a wonderful article. I fully endorse it. Our attitudes to life, our neighbours and family, our ability to lean on inner resources, our connection with the cosmos,deep breathing, all these can enhance our living, give us energy and health1
    Anna Sujatha

  28. Yes, it is very interesting, but no all the times is the same.
    I have bad arthritis,( from my mother), but my blood pressure is always OK
    and my cholesterol is good.
    I need to walk every day to go to TAFE around 30mi. go and 30min, back, I eat plenty fruit and vegetable every day.
    Thanks for your information
    Regards Carmen

  29. As always, it all makes compete sense to this 68yo.

    If I sleep badly I note that my BP is high when I check it next morning on my Wrist Monitor(typically 145/90+). My poor sleep is often linked with bad dreams,(from stress? or negative thoughts?) same if I have a virus- cold etc.

    Cycling makes a big difference to my overall health and wellbeing and helps drop my BP and I have a very healthy diet to keep my “plumbing” clean/clear.

    But most of all your BP Exercise Program is now achieving BP readings as low as 120/80 on a regular basis. It just works if you stick at it! Thank you.

    PS Couldn’t ever get below 140/85 before and usually Much higher despite Losartan + Amlodipin meds. What a bargain! And a LifeSaver! Good health is fun! Cheers!!

  30. This seems very significant to people who’re already suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure. I’m a diabetic and I’m so thankful having read your message. I do hope you’ll publish more of this kind. Thank you very much. God bless.

  31. As always –GREAT information and reminders to get with the program!
    I am learning about HeartMath which also helps to flip the switch. It works on a person like your BP audios.

  32. Stress is the cause of all diseases, but that is emotional stress, which has nothing to do with psychology and everything to do with physiology. And the lack of defense is only due to lack of knowledge of what it is all about. You are welcomed to go to my blogs http://kyrani99.wordpress.com/ where I discuss the etiology of the major diseases and ESP WITHIN RELATIONSHIP, which is the critical factor. And at http://stressanddisease.blogspot.com.au/ where I relate my discoveries out of my own life experiences and that of others around me.

  33. I attended your seminar on Lyme disease, and was very impressed by the speaker and your lady doing the research. Hope she has enormous success tracking down the "Birellua Australis

  34. Borellia not Birellua. Stupid auto correct.

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