This plant combats GoutGout is caused by excessive uric acid buildup. And the traditional medical system has no cure for it.

That’s until maybe now.

Because, a new study published in the Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications journal reveals a plant that drastically lowers uric acid levels naturally.

Uric acid is a waste product in the blood. It’s usually flushed out by our kidneys, but if it builds up, it can lead to hyperuricemia. This condition can cause painful disorders such as gout and can even result in kidney damage if left unchecked.

The researchers responsible for this study were interested in a plant chemical called harpagoside. It has been used for centuries as a Chinese medicine derived from a plant called Scrophularia ningpoensis. But it is even more abundant in a Southern African plant called Devil’s Claw.

They acquired a sample of mice and induced high uric acid levels in their blood and tissue. They then gave some of them harpagoside to see what effects it would have.

Here is what they found:

1. Harpagoside significantly lowered the serum uric acid (SUA) levels in mice, showing its potential to help those suffering from hyperuricemia.

2. Beyond just reducing uric acid levels, harpagoside protected the kidneys from damage caused by high uric acid levels.

3. The study also confirmed that harpagoside did not negatively affect the body weight or organ health of the mice, making it a safe option for further research.

So, how exactly did this chemical reduce uric acid?

It did three things:

1. It blocked uric acid production by inhibiting xanthine oxidase and adenosine deaminase, two enzymes that play a key role in its production.

2. It enhanced the excretion of uric acid by regulating proteins associated with urate transportation.

3. It reduced inflammation by regulating the NF-alphaB/NLRP3 pathway in the kidneys, which is often activated during kidney damage.

Therefore, harpagoside reduces uric acid, gout risk, and kidney damage.

The best, if not the only, way to obtain harpagoside is to buy a Devil’s Claw supplement with between 50 and 100 mg of harpagoside per day.

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