Is acid reflux all in our mindAcid reflux is usually blamed on spicy food, overeating, smoking, alcohol, and other things we consume.

But an interesting new study in Scientific Reports shows some surprising connections between acid reflux and our mind.

Using data from 518 acid reflux patients, the researchers looked at two key aspects.

They first measured their participants’ acid reflux severity by using a 24-hour pH monitoring test. This is when a small tube is inserted into the esophagus to track acid levels over a day, revealing the extent of acid reflux.

They then used a standardized questionnaire called the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale to assess the participants’ anxiety and depression levels.

They found exactly what they thought they might:

1. People with higher anxiety and depression scores tended to have more severe acid reflux symptoms.

2. Patients with mild anxiety were 2.64 times more likely to have GERD compared to those with no anxiety.

3. This risk increased significantly for people with moderate to severe anxiety, who were 6.84 times more likely to have acid reflux.

4. Moderate to severe depression showed a 2.32 times higher risk of acid reflux.

5. Other than anxiety and depression, the most common risk factors for reflux were being male, overweight, and older.

These findings highlight a crucial aspect of health care that often goes overlooked: the connection between our mental and physical health.

The study’s authors suggest that understanding this relationship can improve the treatment and management of acid reflux and can simultaneously make people feel better.

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