Multiple Sclerosis caused by common chemicalsThere is currently no cure for Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Plus, scientists have been in the dark about what causes it. This is an even bigger problem because if we can remove the cause, MS might improve without interference.

A new study in Nature Neuroscience provides an important piece of the puzzle.

It reveals a common chemical (found in most households, but some more than others) that directly causes MS.

The study investigated the effects of nearly 1,800 everyday chemicals on oligodendrocytes. The job of these specialized cells is to create a protective layer around nerve cells, like insulation around electrical wires. This layer, called the myelin sheath, is essential for healthy brain function as it allows nerve impulses to travel quickly and efficiently.

The scientists used nerve cells that were taken from people’s brains, and then applied these chemicals to them to test their effects.

They discovered that two common chemical groups had harmful effects on oligodendrocytes.

The first is quaternary ammonium compounds. These are widely used in disinfectants and personal care products like soaps and shampoos.

The researchers discovered that they directly killed developing oligodendrocytes. This is hugely concerning because oligodendrocyte development continues from before birth well into early childhood, a critical period for brain development.

Second, is organophosphate flame retardants. These are commonly found in furniture, electronics, and building materials.

They appeared to prevent oligodendrocytes from maturing properly. This could lead to a malfunctioning myelin sheath, hindering nerve cell communication and potentially harming brain development and function.

Now, the big concern is that previous studies have linked the improper development of oligodendrocytes to neurological disorders like multiple sclerosis and autism, which seems to suggest that these two groups of chemicals may lead to these conditions.

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