ED cured with easy exercisesED can be drastically improved and even cured using nothing other than a few specific exercises—especially in severe cases.

This is according to a new study in Journal of Sexual Medicine.

The authors combined data from multiple high-quality studies to see what the research says. In this case, they analyzed 11 different studies that tested the effects of aerobic exercise on erectile function.

Aerobic exercise is any activity that gets your heart pumping for a sustained period, like brisk walking, swimming, or cycling.

They specifically looked at trials that used the International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF-EF) to test men’s ability to keep an erection. This is a scale ranging from six to 30, where higher scores indicate better erectile function.

They then compared the average difference in IIEF-EF scores between men who participated in aerobic exercise programs and those who did not.

The results were compelling:

1. Aerobic exercise significantly improved erectile function, with an average improvement of 2.8 points on the IIEF-EF scale.

2. The benefits were most pronounced in men with severe ED, who saw an average improvement of 4.9 points.

3. Men with mild and moderate ED also benefited, with improvements of 2.3 and 3.3 points, respectively.

So, how much exercise are we talking about here?

The studies included in the analysis didn’t have a single exact amount, but most involved moderate-intensity aerobic activity for 30 to 60 minutes, three to five days a week. This falls right in line with what health organizations recommend for overall health benefits.

Why does exercise help with ED?

Erectile function and heart health are closely linked. The same blood vessel problems that can lead to heart issues can also affect blood flow to the penis, making it difficult to get an erection. Exercise improves circulation throughout your body, including the penis, which can help with ED.

In fact, the scientists suggest that there are other potential benefits of exercise beyond just ED. It can improve your sex drive, increase stamina during sex, and even boost your overall confidence.

There are, however, simpler and quicker ways to cure ED permanently. It’s simple home exercises, as explained here, that will get you hard and strong as soon as tonight…