This bitter veg shrinks prostatesIt’s bitter and chewy but according to a new study in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences it shrinks your prostate on a cellular level.

Enlarged prostate is a condition where prostate cells grow and multiply without any biological use, leading to uncomfortable and sometimes serious urinary symptoms.

A natural compound called cucurbitacin B (Cu B) is already known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant powers. The study aimed to see if it could help in stopping the unwanted growth of prostate cells too.

After applying the Cu B to BPH-1 cells (a type of cell taken from human prostate tissue) the researchers checked how the cells and their constituent proteins responded.

Their findings were promising.

1. Cu B prevented the excessive growth of prostate cells.

2. It also promoted apoptosis in the prostate, which means the cells self-destruct. This is a natural way for the body to get rid of cells that aren’t needed or are behaving abnormally, like cancerous ones.

To understand how Cu B does all this, the researchers examined specific genes and proteins related to cell growth and survival. They discovered that Cu B makes more of the proteins p53 and MDM2 in the cells.

P53 is like a guardian in the cell, detecting when something goes wrong and stopping the cell from growing or causing it to die if it’s damaged.

MDM2 is a protein that helps control p53’s activity.

This suggests that Cu B might help to boost this natural safety mechanism in prostate cells.

Another interesting finding was that Cu B also affects other substances released by the cells. It decreases the level of COX-2, a protein involved in inflammation and pain, suggesting that it might also help reduce the inflammation associated with enlarged prostate.

The problem is that, while cucurbitacin B is natural, it is also extremely bitter, and mostly found in wild vegetable species or in less commonly consumed parts of plants.

It is also not currently available as a supplement because scientists believe its ability to cause cell death might make it toxic to humans.

The good news is that there is an all-natural way to shrink enlarged prostate that is much more effective than cucurbitacin B. Just follow the baby steps explained here…