This Power Plant Heals HemorrhoidsThis plant has become popular in recent years, and science has actually reached promising conclusions about its use as an anti-inflammatory agent, antioxidant, an agent to lower cholesterol and blood sugar, an arsenic toxicity neutralizer, and a nutritious food source.

And now, a new study in the journal ACTA Pharmaceutica Sciencia shows that it heals hemorrhoids as well.

Moringa oleifera has a long history of use as an anti-inflammatory agent. In many countries, the oil from the seed has been used to treat arthritis for decades.

Science is slowly coming on board too, with a study in a 2018 edition of the journal Pharmacognosy Research showing that it is just as effective as ibuprofen at reducing painful, inflamed swelling in the paws of rats.

Hemorrhoids are vascular structures that line the anal canal; they can cause problems when they become swollen and inflamed.

After reading studies on the effects of moringa oil on swollen inflamed rat paws, a team of Nigerian scientists decided to examine its effects on hemorrhoids.

They produced suppositories of moringa oil, Irvingia gabonensis seeds, polyethylene glycol, and other substances to achieve the right consistency.

They also made some suppositories without moringa oil to serve as placebos.

They divided their 25 rat subjects into five groups: the first group was given no treatment and had no hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids were induced in the remaining groups, with group 2 receiving no treatment, group 3 receiving a suppository without moringa oil, group 4 receiving a suppository with 5% moringa oil, and group 5 receiving a suppository with 10% moringa oil.

The rats were given these suppositories for five consecutive days, after which they were euthanized. Sounds kind of cruel, doesn’t it?

But the researchers could then cut out the hemorrhoids to examine and weigh them.

As expected, the no-treatment group showed hemorrhaging, with a lot of inflammation and cell death.

Group 3, which received the placebo, showed some improvement, probably due to the presence of the oily substance in their anal canals.

Groups 4 and 5 showed less inflammation, smaller hemorrhoids, less bleeding, and less cell death than the other groups, with the 10% moringa group showing the biggest improvement.

This does not mean that you should shove moringa supplements up your anal canal.

The suppositories contained only five or ten percent moringa oil, while the supplements you purchase contain much more. Furthermore, the suppositories were made to melt over hours, while the supplements may just dump their full loads all at once.

But at least you know that there is a natural treatment that could become available at some point.

However, there are natural methods you can use right now to rid yourself of hemorrhoids for good—even today. And it’s quite simple, as I explain here…