Improve ED 71%: Simple Home ApproachED has many causes: some psychological, some relationship-related, and some physiological.

This means that it’s not obvious that any one treatment can tackle it successfully.

However, Cureus has just published a study that reveals one simple approach that can improve your ED as much as 71% – starting today!

A team of scientists from Saudi Arabia decided to do a systematic review of the scientific literature to explore the ability of physical exercise to improve ED.

They found 12 randomized controlled trials, the most credible and accurate type of study. These studies took place in diverse locations including Brazil, Australia, Singapore, and Nigeria.

They looked at studies that used specific questionnaires to measure sexual function – the International Index of Erectile Dysfunction (IIEF-5).

The studies involved different types of exercise interventions, including home-based walking, aerobic training, interval endurance training, and even a combination of exercise with treatments like pelvic floor exercises. Study lengths varied from 8 weeks to 2 years.

For men, the findings of 10 trials were promising.

1. The largest improvement was in a study that ran over 35 months, finding that home-based walking at moderate intensity level reduced ED by 71%.

2. One study established a 6.7 IIEF-5 score difference between the exercise and non-exercise groups over six months, which is also a substantial improvement.

3. Three other studies discovered smaller, but very worthwhile, improvements of IIEF-5 scores by, for example, 15% and four points.

4. The 10th study muddled its results by having its participants on ED drugs.

In general, the review seems to show that physical activity has a significant, but varied, impact on ED in men.

The trend is positive, with the majority of the trials they reviewed revealing that aerobic exercise is either a fairly good, or a spectacularly good, solution for ED.

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