Hypothyroidism Caused by Your VeggiesIf you suffer from hypothyroidism, it’s extremely important to eat healthy fruits and vegetables.

But according to a new study in BMC Public Health, fruits and vegetables may actually be causing your hypothyroidism.

That is if you’re not picking the right ones.

The researchers looked at several past studies and analyzed the data collectively. They found 12 studies that fit their criteria and met their quality standards.

The results?

People exposed to certain insecticides had a higher risk of developing hypothyroidism.

1. People exposed to organochlorines had a 23% higher risk.
2. Organophosphates increased their risk by 12%.
3. Pyrethroids raised their risk by 15%.

This is not where it ended, however. Some studies also analyzed the effects of herbicides. These are chemicals designed to kill unwanted plants that might crowd out valuable crops.

The research found a 6% increased risk of hypothyroidism with exposure to herbicides.

On the other hand, fungicides and fumigants, used to kill fungi and pests respectively, seem to be in the clear, with no link between them and hypothyroidism.

How precisely these chemicals affect the thyroid is complex. Think of the thyroid as a car’s engine and the chemicals as filling up with the wrong fuel.

Some of these chemicals mimic thyroid hormones, tricking the body into producing fewer real, healthy thyroid hormones. Other chemicals interfere with the body’s ability to use these hormones.

One major villain is DDT, an organochlorine insecticide. Animal studies have found DDT interferes with the body’s ability to produce and use thyroid hormones. This could lead to decreased hormone levels, which in turn could lead to hypothyroidism.

The link between herbicides and the thyroid is less clear. Some herbicides, like amitrole and acetochlor, are known troublemakers. They disturb the thyroid’s hormone-making process. But others, like glyphosate, need more research.

This is the best reason to consume organic fruits and vegetables or to wash them very diligently if you buy regular varieties.

But if you already suffer from hypothyroidism, avoiding pesticides is not going to be enough to tackle the condition. Thousands of readers have completely reversed their hypothyroidism using the simple, natural steps found here…