This Nut Boosts Good Cholesterol While Slashing the BadThey taste great raw, toasted, seasoned, and smoked; can make milk, butter, oil, and flour, and it now turns out they can benefit your cholesterol profile too.

Researchers from Penn State University have just published a study in the Journal of Nutrition that shows how this nut lowers your bad cholesterol while increasing your good cholesterol.

As if that wasn’t enough, it also boosts the productivity level of good cholesterol, which removes the bad cholesterol from your bloodstream.

LDL cholesterol is often referred to as bad cholesterol, as it has the potential to clog your arteries. HDL, on the other hand, removes LDL cholesterol from your body and is therefore considered good cholesterol.

The Penn State researchers asked 24 of their 48 participants to eat a handful of almonds daily for six weeks.

The other 24 volunteers ate a similar diet for the same amount of time but swapped a banana muffin daily for the handful of almonds.

After the six weeks, the scientists rotated the two groups, with the almond consumers now eating a banana muffin and vice versa.

At the beginning and end of each diet period, they measured the level and function of the 48 participants’ cholesterol.

Compared with the muffin diet, the almond diet increased HDL function by 6% and the presence of α-1 HDL by an impressive 19%.

α-1 HDL is the most important sign that your HDL cholesterol is working well to remove bad cholesterol from your body.

As HDL cholesterol particles collect LDL cholesterol from your bloodstream to transport to your liver (from which it is processed for excretion), those HDL particles become bigger, much like a garbage bag becoming bigger as you fill it.

The largest garbage bags, or HDL particles, are the most effective at removing the garbage, or LDL cholesterol particles in this case.

α-1 HDL particles are the largest and most productive HDL particles, which is why the researchers concluded that almonds were a great tool for making your HDL cholesterol more productive.

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