This Food Heals Parkinson’s DiseaseWe usually think of Parkinson’s disease as a condition of the brain. After all, it’s the lack of dopamine that causes it, right?

Wrong, says a new study in Nature Communications. It’s caused by the food that you eat, and it can be healed by the food that you eat.

Specifically, it’s one type of food you need to load up on to heal your Parkinson’s disease.

The researchers recruited 20 participants, all with Parkinson’s diagnoses. Ten were newly diagnosed and not yet medicated, and the other ten had more advanced stages of the disease and were actively receiving treatment.

In the first part of their study, the scientists fermented the stool samples of their participants with different fibers. They wanted to see whether fiber could increase the amount of short-chain fatty acids in Parkinson’s patients’ stool since Parkinson’s patients’ guts are notoriously low in short-chain fatty acids.

This part of the study was successful. The fiber did indeed increase the amount of short-chain fatty acids in the Parkinson’s-infected stool samples to the same levels as those of the healthy population.

In the second part of the study, they gave their subjects prebiotic bars, which are basically fiber bars that feed healthy gut bacteria. They then checked what effects they had.

These were their findings.

1. Gastrointestinal symptoms such as constipation, bloating, and diarrhea improved in Parkinson’s patients, especially in those at more advanced stages.

2. The prebiotic bars did not cause any extra gastrointestinal symptoms beyond what the subjects were already experiencing.

3. The prebiotics led to a wider variety of gut bacteria in all the participants, which is usually considered to be healthier.

4. They led to a reduction in pro-inflammatory bacteria that are harmful and unhealthy.

5. They increased the bacteria that produced short-chain fatty acids.

Given the ability of prebiotics to remove the most harmful gut bacteria in Parkinson’s patients, produce a healthier bacterial colony, and reduce gastrointestinal symptoms, the researchers felt hopeful that this could eventually delay the appearance of this disease and slow the development its symptoms.

Eating fiber bars is not enough to completely stop the progression of Parkinson’s development or reverse its symptoms.

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