This Dietary Pattern Tackles GoutGout is caused by excessive uric acid in the blood which crystallizes and settles in the joints, causing inflammation.

Prior studies have linked high protein intake, particularly from red meat, chicken, and fish, to high uric acid levels, while soy protein and legumes have been associated with lower levels.

But, as no one’s diet consists solely of chicken or legumes, a new, still unpublished study on Research Square takes a look at broader dietary patterns and how they might influence uric acid levels.

The research team analyzed dietary data from 7,806 participants. Using three consecutive 24-hour dietary recalls, they identified several dietary patterns among the participants and used a blood test to assess their serum uric acid levels.

From the eating habits of the participants, the study identified three plant-based diets:

- A low tuber starches and vegetable diet
- A high cereal, tuber starch, and vegetable diet
- A high legume and fruit diet

They also identified three animal product-based diets:

- A high milk and egg diet
- A low egg and fish diet
- A high meat and fish diet

Can you guess which diet was the best at decreasing uric acid?

1. The plant-based diet rich in cereal, tuber starches, and vegetables was shown to lower uric acid levels.

2. The high meat and fish diet led to increased uric acid.

3. Diets high in milk and eggs tended to increase uric acid, although this association was not statistically significant.

4. High legume and fruit diets tended to reduce uric acid, although this association was also not statistically significant.

5. There was no relationship between uric acid levels and the low tuber starches and vegetable plant-based diet and the low egg and fish animal-based diet.

So, if you’re suffering from gout, it might be worth considering a shift to a plant-based diet, particularly one rich in cereals, tuber starches, and vegetables.

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