Common Vitamin Treats NeuropathyConventional medicine has no effective treatment options for neuropathy. The few drugs available to treat it are not very effective and have serious side effects.

That’s why a new study published in Nutrients is so important.

It reveals that a common vitamin supplement found in all supermarkets is a cheap, effective treatment option for neuropathy with no side effects.

The scientists responsible for the study noticed that the symptoms of B12 deficiency and diabetic neuropathy are similar: problems with the senses, difficulty with movement, and pain.

It isn’t understood exactly why diabetes or high blood sugar causes neuropathy, but the researchers thought that a shortage of B12 in our cells might be the culprit.

In other words, it might be mostly vitamin B12 deficiency rather than high blood sugar that causes neuropathy in diabetics.

To find out whether there is evidence for this idea, they consulted the available scientific literature and found some information that supported their assumptions.

1. Nerve damage is often present even before a person is diagnosed with diabetes, suggesting other factors besides diabetes could contribute to this condition.

2. Both B12 deficiency and diabetes seem to cause similar changes in the body, including inflammation, increased harmful substances, and mitochondrial dysfunction (problems in the powerhouses of cells).

3. Studies in mice have shown that B12 deficiency can lead to nerve damage similar to that seen in human diabetes.

4. Most studies in humans have shown that B12 treatment can have positive effects on diabetic nerve damage.

If all this is true, why do most diabetics not test low for B12?

According to the research surveyed, many studies show that B12 deficiency is much more common in diabetics than in the general population, which supports the theory that neuropathy could be a product of low B12.

However, studies also suggest that diabetics who test normal for vitamin B12 in their blood may have insufficient levels of it, since a deficiency first shows up in our cells before it does in our blood. This means that it is quite possible for most diabetics to have abnormally low levels of B12 in their cells.

Why is B12 a good treatment for neuropathy?

In the absence of B12, high blood sugar causes damage and stress in the mitochondria of our cells. This increases harmful substances in our body, known as reactive oxygen species.

High blood sugar can also lead to changes in the body’s proteins, causing the formation of harmful compounds called AGEs. These AGEs activate inflammation.

This is where the B12 comes in. It seems to protect cells from harmful substances, reduce stress and oxidation, and modulate inflammation.

That’s why I recommend that you supplement with vitamin B12, even if it’s the only supplement you take.

If you’re already suffering from neuropathy, taking B12 isn’t enough. To completely heal neuropathy, you also need to take a few more simple steps explained here…