Hypothyroidism and High Blood Pressure ConnectionThe traditional medical system has no cure for hypothyroidism. If you’re diagnosed with it, you receive a lifetime sentence of hormonal medications.

This makes it important to find factors that contribute to hypothyroidism. If you can eliminate these factors, your thyroid will correct itself without more intervention.

A new study on Research Square put high blood pressure to the test as such a factor. The results were quite uplifting.

Some previous studies have linked high blood pressure to thyroid diseases, but it’s not known exactly how many people with high blood pressure have subclinical hypothyroidism.

To close this research gap, a team of Chinese scientists recruited 2,818 adult residents of Gansu Province.

Based on thyroid hormone tests and blood pressure measurements, 21% of them were found to have subclinical hypothyroidism, and 21% had high blood pressure.

Only 36% of them had normal blood pressure, which is a little depressing. The remainder had borderline high blood pressure.

The scientists defined subclinical hypothyroidism as normal thyroid hormone levels with elevated thyroid-stimulating hormone levels.

They defined high blood pressure as a reading of at least 140/90 mm Hg and normal blood pressure as a reading of less than 120/80 mm Hg.

Their analysis yielded the following findings.

1. 24% of those with high blood pressure versus 17% of those with normal blood pressure had subclinical hypothyroidism.

2. Women were more likely than men to have subclinical hypothyroidism in all three groups: 20% versus 13% in the high-blood-pressure group, 28% versus 18% in the borderline-high-blood-pressure group, and 28% versus 21% in the normal-blood-pressure group.

3. In subjects below 61 years of age, 29% of those with high blood pressure had subclinical hypothyroidism, compared with 18% of those with normal blood pressure.

4. Factors that increased the prevalence of subclinical hypothyroidism in people with high blood pressure were low LDL cholesterol, high blood fats, high blood sugar, TSH receptor antibodies (that attack the thyroid-stimulating hormone receptors on thyroid cells), and thyroglobulin (that attacks a protein produced by the thyroid gland).

These findings suggest that you can significantly improve your thyroid health by keeping your blood pressure under control.

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