A Common Supplement Treats ArthritisMany studies have reported that there is a serious imbalance in the gut bacteria of people with arthritis and that probiotics can help treat it.

Not all probiotics are created equal, however.

A new study in the journal Nutrients reveals the type of bacteria that needs to be included in your probiotic to tackle your arthritis.

If it is included, it can slow down and even reverse your arthritis in days.

Best of all, you can get a probiotic containing this type of bacteria in all health food stores and pharmacies.

B. pseudocatenulatum has been found to balance the immune response involved in autoimmune diseases and block inflammation.

As such, it seemed to be a good candidate for researchers to test.

They carried out a study using collagen injections to induce arthritis in mice.

They first tested the feces of the mice to check which bacteria were most common in their intestines. They then gave the mice the B. pseudocatenulatum probiotic and checked their feces again.

They also conducted various other tests, such as arthritis severity tests and measurement of inflammatory chemicals, before and after the treatment.

This is what they discovered.

1. The treated mice developed arthritis much later than the untreated mice did.

2. Arthritis progressed much more slowly in the treated mice than in the untreated ones.

3. Anti-inflammatory chemical levels were much lower in the treated mice than in the untreated mice.

4. The B. pseudocatenulatum protected the mice’s intestinal linings, thereby preventing bacteria and inflammatory chemicals from spilling out of their intestines.

5. B. pseudocatenulatum prevented the immune over-activation that occurs in arthritis because of its effects on bile salts and proteins.

6. B. pseudocatenulatum promoted gut bacterial balance by removing some potentially harmful bacteria.

These are extremely promising findings.

Many other researchers have identified healthy properties of B. pseudocatenulatum. For example, in a 2018 issue of the journal Molecular Neurobiology, scientists reported that it could prevent weight gain and the depression and anxiety that often accompany it, precisely because of its ability to reduce inflammation.

Probiotics based on B. pseudocatenulatum alone may be found in some health stores, but they are very scarce.

This means that you may have to buy probiotics based on the Bifidobacterium bacterial family, which are widely available.

To completely reverse your arthritis, you will need to follow a few more natural steps explained here…