This Fruit Heals OsteoporosisMost health recommendations regarding osteoporosis are preventative. For example: build stronger bones before your 40s and 50s. This is of little use if you’re already into your golden years and have already begun to suffer osteoporosis.

Two studies presented at the North American Menopause Society Annual Meeting in Atlanta reveal a simple method to reverse osteoporosis at any age.

It’s as simple as eating 50 grams of a common fruit. Found in all supermarkets.

The first of the two studies stemmed from the researchers’ recognition that osteoporosis is more common as we age and much more common in women than in men.

There is one factor that might explain this, and that is inflammation. Aging promotes inflammatory chemicals, and so does estrogen deficiency.

In the first study, they investigated the relationship between inflammatory chemicals and bone health in 235 postmenopausal women.

They found what they expected: the higher the levels of inflammatory chemicals, the lower the trabecular bone scores at their subjects’ lumbar spines. Trabecular bone is the spongy interior core of the bone.

Therefore, inflammation is clearly bad for bone health and needs to be reduced as we age.

In the second study, they used the same 235 postmenopausal women as subjects but put them on a prune diet to see whether prunes could reduce inflammation successfully.

They split the subjects into three groups:

- a group who ate no prunes
- a group who ate 50 g of prunes a day (5 to 6 prunes)
- a group who ate 100 g of prunes a day (10 to 12 prunes).

What did they find after performing some bone scans?

The women in both the prune groups showed an improvement in bone density and strength, especially at the hip and tibia. The tibia is the thicker and stronger of the two bones that run between your ankle and knee.

Interestingly, the 50-g prune group experienced better results, meaning that you don’t have to eat ten prunes a day; five or six will suffice.

It is easy to add prunes to your daily diet.

1. Eat them just as they are as a snack.
2. Drink prune juice.
3. Add prunes or prune juice to smoothies.
4. Add them to your breakfast cereal.
5. Make a trail mix by mixing them with nuts and seeds.
6. Puree them and eat them on toast or add it to stews.
7. Stew them with other dried fruits and eat them as a dessert.

It is, however, important to consume enough water when you eat your prunes, as they contain a lot of fiber. You may also need to live with a bit of diarrhea for the first few days while your stomach gets used to them.

The most important finding of this study is that it proves that it is possible to improve and even cure osteoporosis, even after it begins progressing.

This is not a surprise to me as I’ve been helping people to heal their osteoporosis for decades. My focus has been to reduce inflammation in the bones.

Thousands of readers have already built stronger bones and healed their osteoporosis using my simple lifestyle changes explained here…