Enlarged Prostate Caused By 3 Lifestyle FactorsA study in the Journal of Translational Medicine has identified three lifestyle factors as the main underlying causes of prostate enlargement.

The great news is that it’s easy (and free) to change these lifestyle factors.

By doing so, you can shrink your prostate in weeks.

Many previous studies have identified genes that are associated with certain lifestyle habits.

If you have certain genes, you’re much more likely to smoke.

If you have other genes, you’re much more likely to drink alcohol.

The scientists consulted previous research to develop a list of genes that put people at risk of obesity, high waist circumference, high body mass index, smoking, alcohol use, and sedentary lifestyles.

They then used data collected by the UK Biobank and the FinnGen Consortium to identify people who had these genes, people who did not have these genes, and people who did and did not develop enlarged prostates.

This enabled them to check whether people genetically prone to certain lifestyle factors developed enlarged prostates. The advantage of this kind of study is that it excludes other behaviors that can interfere with the findings. This type of study is called Mendelian randomization.

Which factors did they find could cause an enlarged prostate?

1. Waist circumference increases your risk by 26%.
2. Sedentary behavior increases your risk by 14%.
3. Body mass index increases your risk by 8%.

They also found that increased intake of carbohydrates, sugar, fat, and protein could increase the risk of an enlarged prostate, but this is mostly because of the relationship between increased waist circumference and body mass index scores.

They also found a relationship between smoking and alcohol consumption but once again discovered that this relationship stemmed from increased body weight.

Therefore, avoid these habits if you want to prevent the development of an enlarged prostate.

Losing weight and moving more will only take you so far. The real key lies in what you eat. Shrinking your prostate by changing your diet just a tiny but can make a major impact, as I explain here …