This Herb Halts Prostate EnlargementMost men believe that an enlarged prostate is something they just have to live with as they get older.

After all, the traditional medical system doesn’t have any solution except for very invasive surgery.

That may be changing now, with a study in the Journal of Molecular & Cellular Toxicology. An herb was tested that stops an enlarged prostate in its tracks. Plus, five more benefits for your prostate were identified.

Shikonin is a plant pigment. To be more specific, it occurs in zicao (sometimes called purple gromwell), the dried root of Lithospermum erythrorhizon.

Scientists from Jiangsu in China were very aware of this traditional Chinese medicine, as previous studies had found it to have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-cancer properties.

They wondered whether this supplement could work against an enlarged prostate. After all, while an enlarged prostate is not cancerous, it is a form of purposeless multiplication of cells.

They answered this question in a study that used rats as subjects. They first caused the rats’ prostates to grow by injecting them with testosterone and then gave half of them a daily shikonin supplement. They then compared them with rats that received no supplement.

They examined the prostate tissue of the two groups and compared them with respect to a range of hormonal, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and other blood measures.

They discovered exactly what they expected and even more.

1. The prostates of the shikonin group grew much more slowly than those of the other group did.

2. The shikonin changed the microscopic structure of the rats’ prostate tissue back to its state before the rats’ prostrates were enlarged.

3. Hormones related to enlarged prostate and prostate cancer were lower in the shikonin group. These included testosterone, dihydrotestosterone, and prostate-specific antigen.

4. Shikonin reduced the inflammatory chemicals in the prostates of the rats. These chemicals are usually high in enlarged prostates.

5. Shikonin increased some antioxidant chemicals and thereby prevented the tissue damage that usually accompanies an enlarged prostate.

6. Shikonin accelerated cell death, which slows down in an enlarged prostate and is largely responsible for its unnecessary growth.

These are pretty good discoveries, as they suggest that shikonin eliminates some factors that cause an enlarged prostate rather than just treating its symptoms.

You can buy shikonin in the form of purple gromwell root extract powder, but make sure that it is food grade, as it can be used in skincare as well.

Shikonin is also sold as a supplement, but it is somewhat scarce outside China.

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