This Food Waste Combats Cholesterol and Type 2 DiabetesThis may surprise you, but there is an everyday element of food waste that millions of households around the world routinely dispose of that could save your life.

According to a new study from the University of Illinois, this food waste can cure type 2 diabetes and clear out cholesterol plaque.

Yet we just throw it away.

Before coffee ends up in your mug, the skins and fruit pulp of the coffee fruit are removed, and the seeds (or “beans,” as we call them) are dried and roasted.

The skins are simply thrown away.

So, what does this have to do with diabetes and high cholesterol?

Inflammation, glucose, and insulin are three great health processes to target to mitigate your likelihood of developing these diseases.

The more glucose your cells absorb, the less likely you are to develop diabetes, as your glucose levels remain low.

The more insulin-sensitive your cells are, the less likely you are to develop diabetes, as the insulin that your body secretes is sufficient to maintain your glucose at a healthy level.

Inflammation is an element of almost all chronic diseases.

Fat cells prompt your immune system to produce a lot of inflammation. This inflammation is then distributed throughout your body, where it damages cells.

It is one of the primary contributors to high cholesterol and, in turn, the destruction of blood vessels.

To cut a long story short, if fats in your bloodstream are damaged (oxidized), your immune system dispatches cells called macrophages to remove the fatty substances from your blood vessels. However, as macrophages are made to combat bacteria and viruses—not damaged fat—they end up trapping these fats in your blood vessel walls instead of removing them. Inflammation then accumulates, causing your blood vessels to block and harden.

The researchers behind this new study took macrophages and fat cells from mice and applied water-based extracts from the skin of coffee fruit to them.

They found that two compounds in this skin, protocatechuic and gallic acid, were excellent in reducing fat-induced inflammation. They also made these cells more sensitive to insulin and promoted their ability to absorb glucose.

These compounds are the two factors in coffee fruit that can contribute to combatting type 2 diabetes and cholesterol plaque buildup.

There are currently no supplements that use only the skin of the coffee fruit, which is apparently its most powerful component.

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