The ONE Oil That Heals Heart DiseaseDespite this oil being praised as a miracle drug, the scientific world is relatively mixed in its opinions.

However, a new study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association proves without a doubt that this cheap oil drastically reduces the risk of heart attacks.

To ensure the accuracy of its results, the study only employed randomized trials.

The researchers gave one group omega-3 supplements and another group fake supplements (placebo).

The results go against those of previous studies, revealing crucial insights.

The study found that the people who took daily omega-3 supplements were 8% less likely to have a heart attack and die of coronary heart disease, 5% less likely to have coronary heart disease, 7% less likely to die of cardiovascular disease, and 3% less likely to have cardiovascular disease. Notably, the higher the dose of omega-3, the lower the risk of the above medical problems.

Strokes were the only assessed factor that omega-3 was not found to have a positive relationship with.

While the researchers agreed that omega-3 supplements are great, they asserted that eating fish and exercising daily are better. In short, omega-3 supplements are beneficial when it comes to living a heart-healthy lifestyle thanks to their anti-inflammatory properties—but they are even more effective when paired with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Importantly, however, omega-3 is not enough to clear out cholesterol plaque in your arteries. I normalized my cholesterol and cleared out my arteries by 93% by cutting out this ONE ingredient I didn’t even know I was consuming…

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