Drop This Habit to Reverse ArthritisThere is a common habit that doubles your risk of arthritis. Surprisingly, even moderate amounts of this behavior put you at risk.

This is according to a new study from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, published in the Arthritis Journal and Therapy.

The good news is if you change this one habit, you can drastically improve your arthritis, and you may feel the difference within a matter of days.

A recent study published in the Arthritis Journal and Therapy reveals that smoking significantly increases your risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis.

Researchers explain that many previous studies have found a direct link between heavy smoking and an increased risk of this autoimmune disorder. But this is the first study ever conducted to investigate whether light smoking also leads to the development of arthritis.

This mega-study followed 30,000 women (aged 54 to 89) over a period of 7 years. During this long-lasting study, participants were asked various questions about their diet, lifestyle, and smoking habits, including frequency and history of smoking.

An analysis of results revealed that smoking as few as one to seven cigarettes per day made it 2.31 times likely for participants to develop arthritis.

The good news is that reversing arthritis is relatively easy. Here is the step-by-step strategy I used to completely overcome my arthritis in 28 days…