This Sound Heals ED in 79% of CasesHow can a sound heal ED in men?

Easily, says a new study from Thessaloniki, Greece.

It’s safe, non-invasive, and effective with 79% of men experiencing drastic improvements.

The researchers were aware of several previous studies that found low-intensity shock wave therapy to be an effective and safe treatment for ED.

But they wanted to conduct their own well-controlled study to add to the existing body of knowledge.

Low-intensity shock wave therapy is nowhere near as scary as it sounds. The doctor holds a wand-like device near your penis, and the device emits sound waves that are able to penetrate tissue.

It has been around as a treatment for a long time, especially for use against bone fractures and other tissue injuries. It stimulates blood flow and promotes tissue growth.

To ensure the reliability of results, the researchers chose subjects with approximately the same severity of ED; all participants had moderate ED on the International Index of Erectile Function.

This type of controlled selection is important because if you test men with mild, moderate, and severe ED together, the treatment might only work for the mild cases and thereby unintentionally exaggerate the extent to which it works for moderate and severe cases.

The researchers recruited 70 patients with moderate ED and divided them into a real and a sham treatment group. Both groups received 12 sessions of treatment, at two sessions per week over 6 weeks.

The real treatment was performed with an ARIES 2TM device, with which the researchers applied 5,000 impulses at 0.096 mJ/mm2 energy flux density and 5 Hz frequency. This is the standard for low-intensity shock wave treatment.

The researchers evaluated their subjects after 1 month of treatment and again after 3 months, using the International Index of Erectile Function. This questionnaire is the gold standard for ED diagnoses and ED severity measurement in scientific studies and medical practice.

This is what they discovered:

1. After 1 month, there was an improvement in 59% of the men in the real treatment group and 2.9% of those in the sham treatment group.

2. After 3 months, there was an improvement in 79% of the men in the real treatment group but none of those in the sham treatment group.

3. Men in the real treatment group improved by 3.9 and 4.4 points on the International Index of Erectile Function after 1 and 3 months respectively.

These are pretty strong results, especially considering that the questionnaire scores were out of 30 possible points. This means that participants’ sexual function improved by 13 and 15% after the 1- and 3-month measurement periods.

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