Cut Your Heart Attack Risk By 50% EffortlesslyIf you want to cut your heart attack risk by doing something that doesn’t involve dieting, exercise, or giving up bad habits, then researchers at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine have some good news for you.

They’ve found a free, easy, and fun way to get a healthier heart, because participants in their study reduced their risk of cardiovascular disease by an average of 30%, and some (the least healthy) did so by 50%.

All thanks to doing this one thing every day.

And it’s absolutely effortless and enjoyable.

This might sound a little convenient, but having a cheerful, upbeat approach to life can make a huge difference to how healthy you are and whether you get heart disease.

The scientists at Johns Hopkins are pretty sure about this because they looked at 1,500 healthy individuals. Everyone who said that they were happy, positive, cheerful, and energetic had a 30% lower risk of experiencing a heart attack, so there must be something in it.

The study didn’t look at why sad or angry people are more likely to develop high blood pressure and end up with heart disease, but they probably didn’t need to. Plenty of previous studies have already shown that chronic stress is a worldwide problem that shortens life spans, and sadness and anger are never far away when you’re chronically stressed.

Now, no one is suggesting that all those happy people are just smiling their way out of serious problems, but their attitude toward the slings and arrows that life throws at them has a great bearing on how well they cope. A positive attitude can get people through the tough times and make the good times even better!

Anxiety is not good for hypertension, which is not good for heart health, so it might be time to look at how you deal with everyday situations, and see whether you can’t put a spring in your step and a smile on your face to help get you through them better.

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