Incurable ED Healed With One JabThere are cases of ED where no treatment seems to work. Even the most effective medications are only around 50% effective.

These cases are often due to a physical damage of the cavernous nerve, which is a nerve that carries most of the responsibility for your erections. It can be injured during prostate surgery, after pelvic fracture, because of inflammation, and because of blocked blood vessels.

But a new study from the journal Therapeutic Advances in Urology reveals how one simple jab can get you up and hard again.

These injuries sometimes recover on their own, but not always, and can cause serious distress because of the ED.

Moreover, because it’s caused by physical damage, medical interventions such as Viagra usually won’t help.

The research team wanted to know how well stem cell therapy worked to treat the ED caused by cavernous nerve injury and consulted previously published studies to find an answer.

They found 29 animal studies and three human studies that investigated the effect of stem cell therapy on ED. The animal studies used physiological measures to test erectile function, and the human studies used questionnaires.

The animal studies yielded findings that showed improved penile tissue health.

1. Stem cells derived from both fat and bone marrow were effective at increasing the rats’ ability to have an erection and the size of that erection.

2. There was an increase in nitric oxide and smooth muscle in the penile nerve tissue and a decline in cell death. These are all changes that facilitate improved erectile function.

In the three human studies, they used the International Index for Erectile Function questionnaire to assess sexual function, together with an Erection Hardness Score questionnaire to assess the quality of the men’s erections.

From these studies, the authors learned that stem cell therapy resulted in an improvement in the scores on both questionnaires.

1. On the International Index for Erectile Function, the men improved between 70 and 150 percent from before the study until six months after.

2. On the Erection Hardness Score questionnaire, their scores improved between 80 and 200 percent from before the study until six months after.

This shows that stem cell therapy can be an effective treatment for ED, even when there is physical damage to the cavernous nerve.

Stem cells are your body’s most basic cells. They are the raw structures from which all other cells are built. If they are injected into the penis, your body uses them to build new penile cells to replace the old damaged ones.

That is the theory behind all stem cell therapies. If we can convince our bodies to build bone, cardiovascular, muscle, and blood cells from stem cells, we can replace damaged cells with new functional ones.

But there is a much simpler method to heal erectile dysfunction than getting a stem cell injection. Do the simple home exercises explained here for a few minutes and experience an immediate boost to your erection tonight…