The Best Exercises for High Blood Pressure (and the easiest too)Finding the best exercise for lowering blood pressure might be a moving target. Especially when there are so many exercise plans hitting the consumer stream these days.

To end this confusion, the American Heart Association published a new meta-analysis that reviews over 90 studies on the most effective exercises available.

And the winner was not only the most effective at lowering blood pressure, but also the easiest one to do.

Their findings were somewhat predictable—such as the fact that ANY exercise is better than no exercise for lowering blood pressure, both for people with hypertension and for those without.

But other findings were not as predictable. The three types of exercises that were compared showed interesting results.

Researchers looked at the effects of isometric exertion, dynamic aerobic training, and dynamic resistance training on blood pressure levels.

– Isometric exertion exercises involved exerting a force on a non-moving object. An example would be the gripping exercises typically performed in therapies after a stroke.

– Aerobic exercises are those that get the heart rate elevated, such as running, biking, or swimming.

– Resistance exercises are slower but more weight-intense, such as weightlifting or pull-ups.

Researchers found that with the latter two, as the intensity increased, the effectiveness in lowering blood pressure also increased.

However, the isometric exertion exercises were actually the most effective for holistically lowering blood pressure across all ages and race groups, and for both genders.

It might seem counterintuitive that sitting in a chair squeezing something would be more effective at lowering blood pressure than pumping iron or swimming every day, but in reality, this study reinforces what natural health professionals have been saying for years: relaxing and eliminating stress are the keys to lowering your blood pressure.

The blood pressure exercises that I discovered years ago have helped thousands of people bring their blood pressure down to a healthy level, and these are based somewhat on the same philosophy as the isometric exertion exercises touted in this study.

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