This Fruit Heals Enlarged ProstateWhat better way to heal enlarged prostate than to load up on a specific fruit?

That is, if it works.

And according to a new study in the Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences, it does work—loading up on this one fruit does wonders for both enlarged prostate and all of its symptoms.

Cucumis melo linn is a type of melon that is also called honeydew melon, from a subfamily of the fruit called musk melon. The fruits are oval-shaped, edible, and sweet. Like most melons, they consist mostly of water with a bit of sugar/carbohydrates. They grow mostly in India, China, and Sri Lanka.

Both the fruits and the seeds contain plenty of phytochemicals, phenolic acid, and flavonoids, which are responsible for most of its health properties.

In fact, the journal BioMed Research International published a study in 2020 in which scientists found 37 compounds in the fruits and 14 in the seeds with potential health benefits.

In the new study from the Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences described here, the researchers used adult male Wistar rat subjects to investigate two questions: whether a cucumis melo linn extract could protect against enlarged prostate, and whether it could reduce inflammation.

They first used testosterone to induce an enlarged prostate in these rats, and then gave them the extract.

They noticed three things:

1. Testosterone led to much larger prostates in the rats that were not given the extracts, suggesting that this extract can serve as a preventative measure against an enlarged prostate.
2. In rats that already had enlarged prostates, the extract led to a reduction in prostate weight, suggesting that it can serve as a treatment for this condition too.
3. Lower urinary tract symptoms (common symptoms of an enlarged prostate) improved much more in the rats that were given the extract.

Since the prostate is prone to becoming inflamed, these researchers decided to test the ability of the extract to fight off inflammation. They injected carrageenan into the rats’ paws to induce inflammation and then gave them the extract.

They discovered that the extract could combat inflammation by modifying the production or release of prostaglandins and nitric oxide.

Prostaglandins are pro-inflammatory chemicals that are elevated in inflamed tissue. Nitric oxide is usually anti-inflammatory, but it becomes pro-inflammatory when there is too much of it.

But loading up on honeydew melon will not completely heal your prostate. For that, you need to make just a few minor lifestyle changes, explained here…